Science of Influence - the Seminar

Eliot Hoppe

Eliot Hoppe is a leading authority in the field of body language communication, non verbal influence and deception detection.

An accomplished speaker and facilitator, Eliot has trained thousands internationally and worked with leading organizations like 3M, Cartier, Nexen and TELUS to help develop the skills of their employees in body language communication and non verbal infleucne.

His E-Learning program Body Language Communication: The Science of Silence is already being regarded by many as being the most comprehensive program available today on the subject of non verbal sales influence and body language communication.

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Bryan Lenihan

Bryan is a long-time sales manager for a major fleet management company. He has over a decade of management experience.

Adept at sales and management, Bryan is a great pick for your sales force. He brings a light humor to his many engaging stories.

Bryan has logged several years of coaching with Kevin Hogan to bring an expert level of training expertise to every presentation. Bryan travels from Chicago, Illinois.

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Donald MacNaughton

Donald MacNaughton, Bsc. (hons) has over 20 years of experience working in business and personal development across the UK.

Zoned in Performance, Donald's consultancy business, offers individuals, companies and organizations of all types highly tailored performance coaching seminars and programs. His unique combination of business acumen, leadership and sport psychology skills simply aims to truly maximize the potential of individuals and organizations.

His ongoing commitment to his own personal development means that his clients benefit from leading-edge research in performance and leadership.

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