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Known and recognized around the world - The Science of Influence: How to Get Anyone to Say Yes in 8 Minutes or Less has been translated into numerous languages. Kevin Hogan has brought his message that influence exists in EVERY communication just about everywhere around the world!

The Science of Influence™ Seminar is recognized around the world as the seminar that delivers incredible results for people who influence.

Each licensee delivers The Science of Influence™ Seminar for a fraction of the cost of what the originator charges!

Your group will learn:

  • The Conscious Mind vs. The Unconscious Mind
  • The Most Unknown and Most Important Factor of Change
  • The First Impression
  • What Can Be Learned About Influence From Speed Dating?
  • Keys to Rapport
  • Non Verbal Rapport Building Skills
  • Optimizing Your Persuasive Message
  • The Pivot Point of Persuasion
  • New Principles of Influence
  • Mastering Omega Strategies
  • MORE!

No one has more information for your group than the licensees (speakers) that deliver The Science of Influence™ Seminar.

The popularity of the book, continues to be strong several years after it's release. Imagine that! Businesses, groups, associations, meetings, conventions, classes around the world continue to reap the rewards of Kevin Hogan's work today.

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Contact our speakers and trainers to get the best information at a more than reasonable price. Ask your licensee to make the original "Participant Manual" part of the package they present to your group! The manual is personally designed and updated by it’s creator, Kevin Hogan, Psy. D. The material is unique to this program, literally no one has everything your speaker will.

Whether you are looking for someone to deliver a keynote or a one day training, these high energy, high content speakers give your audience immediately applicable material to their business and life. Ask your speaker about break-out sessions and teleseminars. Some of our speakers are highly skilled personal coaches.

From Scotland to Canada, New York to one can match the information, the knowledge, the power of your Science of Influence™ Seminar licensee. Click here to see who is nearest you!

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