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Self Esteem

A Deep Root of Success and Failure in Our Business, Family and Ourselves

There is a high correlation between self esteem and the success of individuals, families and businesses. The things that make a child feel appreciated are the self same things that make a grown man or woman feel appreciated. We all want to be applauded for our victories, consoled in our defeats.

Self esteem, however, is a much misunderstood concept. Once we understand what self esteem is, we can learn to develop our own self-esteem, and help those we care for develop their's as well.

SELF ESTEEM= Self-Confidence + Self-Respect

Nathaniel Branden, said something to the effect of this:  Self-esteem is the conviction that one is COMPETENT to live and WORTHY of living. It is the sense that we have of ourselves, that we are adequate and believe in ourselves. When we lose either component of Self-esteem (Self-confidence or self-respect), we experience a lack of self-esteem.

Research done by Success Dynamics Foundation in 1991 indicates the following facts:

  1. Children with high self-esteem perform slightly better in academics.
  2. Children with high self-esteem are MUCH more likely to stay chemical-free than those with low self esteem.
  3. People of all ages with high self esteem will commit fewer acts of theft than those with low self esteem.
  4. Employees with high self-esteem are more financially productive for their companies than those with low self-esteem.
  5. Employees with high self-esteem are absent from work less than those with low self esteem.

The question, then, we have to ask is: How do we harness this information and implement a plan NOW?

  1. To begin, we have an opportunity to teach our employees/children to focus their attention on their successes and positive experiences. An excellent way to do this is to informally have them tell us a recent success story.

  2. When communicating with our subordinates/children, we need to state our comments as though it is obvious that they will succeed at what they are attempting without mentioning penalties of failure.

    Parents can tell their children:

    "Stay in the yard where you'll be safe from the traffic."


    "Don't go in the road and get yourself killed."

    The same line of thinking is critical in business as well. We always focus on the images in our minds. If someone tells us to avoid getting killed, we first must picture getting killed, then X it out. If we tell someone not to screw up, he will simply think of various ways to screw up.

  3. Find ways to make work fun. Pleasure is not a luxury, but a profound psychological need. When someone enjoys what they are doing, they are experiencing the feeling that life is worth living. If we cannot find ways to make work more enjoyable (ie. more worthwhile), we cannot increase productivity in the long run.
  4. "Floggings will continue until morale improves," "Quit crying, or I'll give you something to cry about," and other similar statements only produce resentment. This is the opposite feeling that you want your employees and children to have toward you. These kinds of statements mold attitudes that encourage others to "get even" with us through theft, gossip, drug use and the like.

  5. Everything you say to someone counts for something. If you want someone to work harder, you always remember to build up his or her self-confidence and self-respect.

  6. "That was stupid!," is not anywhere near as effective as, "That is not like you, I know you'll do better next time." One statement detracts from self-confidence and self respect. The other tells the person that he is not his negative behavior, and, that a better result can occur next time. The difference is only a few words. The results are as different as night and day.

  7. Realize that a lack of self-esteem generally is rooted in the formative years of children (birth/pre-natal to age six.) You cannot of yourself change another adult's self esteem. However, you can, through words and actions, help them to convince themselves that they are more competent than they once thought and should respect themselves more than they currently do.

When dealing with young children, the same is true EXCEPT you are molding the child's image of himself. For those first few years, you are teaching your child who he is, what his level of competence is, and how much he likes himself. This is an awesome responsibility and, hopefully, this page has produced one or two valuable ideas in aiding both young and old.

For more information about overcoming difficulties in relationships and life, see below.

ATTENTION: Discover how you have been lied to by an entire industry
and Gurus can't teach what they don't know, but...

"Now You Can Discover the Secret to Programming Your Mind for Success! "

"get MAXIMUM impact"

"If you have taken any self improvement courses and they have NOT worked for you, or you want to get MAXIMUM impact from them.....first unplug Self-Sabotage. Kevin's program did that for me."

Sunny Carlson,


Dear Friend,

Before you lose anymore time following a fruitless goal system...

...and before you even think of putting another dime into a self-improvement course...

PLEASE read over this brief report.

But first...

If you're looking for another program that you can listen to while not paying attention (and not creating a better life for yourself and your loved ones), you might as well keep doing the same old things that the same old gurus prescribe. Maybe this time you'll get a different result.

On the other hand, imagine the following...

  • Perhaps you shelled out good money for programs you never implemented. And some truly could have changed your life, and the life of your family. But once again, you procrastinated, and failed to follow through. What happened? Now you can not only find out (by reading below), but you'll have the tools to break that pattern forever...
  • Goals? We all have them... some are more clear than others. It's easy to get excited about making more money, starting a business, finding (or fixing) a relationship. But so few of our goals ever come to fruition. Why? It turns out it's not (until now) your fault. If you want to find out how to take control today, read on...
  • How many people do you know who keep making the same mistakes over and over and over... They just never learn. Of course, this could never happen to you... There's more to this phenomenon than meets the eye. But the devil's in the details... below

Isn't there more to life than all this? You bet there is. We're not talking about those same old affirmations that got you here. When you unplug your negative life patterns you'll be able to live the big life, a life of meaning. Learn how to increase your impact on your family and friends 10 fold, continued...

You won't find this information discussed anywhere else. In fact, it goes deeper than most 'gurus' and self-help authors are able to take you. If you're serious about getting down to the roots of Self-Sabotage, this is the program that will get you to your goals.

Betrayal: the mechanism of Self-Sabotage

If you want to defeat your self-sabotage, you need two things: first, you have to want a life of achievement and freedom. Second, you must have a simple, sensible and totally realistic plan for pulling up Self-Sabotage by the roots.

Your subconscious runs the show. We're talking about patterns, some of which have been running a long time. We become so accustomed we don't notice... until disaster strikes.

"I was constantly stopping myself from completing projects and seemed to stop myself short from taking any actions that were outside my comfort zone. Everyone should either "Do" Lifestorms or something similar."

Steve Chambers

But why? You pick the same wrong 'type' of lover again. You were so close to getting the raise when you just had to stick your foot in your mouth right in front of the boss. Why would your subconscious mind play this cruel trick on you?

Well, it turns out that your subconscious is almost too good at protecting you, and the roots of self-sabotage run deep. When you're pushing the edge of your comfort zone, your subconscious will do what ever it takes to keep you 'safe', regardless how senseless and damaging it proves in hindsight.

The Elephant Tethered with Twine

Remember going to the circus? The sheer size and power of a grown elephant is tremendous. But if you were allowed to watch the elephant grow up, you might notice something peculiar in his training. When the elephant is young, he always is pulling on the chain that holds him, testing the limits. But the enormous chain the trainers use is too strong, even for the mighty baby elephant. Over time, however, the elephant becomes habituated, and stops testing...

By the time the elephant is grown, a mere rope will suffice. But we're much smarter than elephants... right?

Claim Your Power

The same thing is going on now in your subconscious mind. Patterns you've been acting out since your childhood could be holding you back now. If you don't master these Negative Life Patterns, your Self-Sabotage will continue to keep you from living the life of your design. They will destroy your goals.

And, until now, there was no way for you to take control. Now, for the first time, there's a program that hands you the reins and puts you in the driver's seat of your life.



Lifestorms are what happen when your Negative Life Patterns trigger Self-Sabotage to keep you 'safe'. This has been your undoing. Now, however, you are learning the tools to take control.


This is where failure comes from. It's why you procrastinate. Why you sometimes lash out at friends and family. Why you keep making those same mistakes. Imagine how sweet life will be when those things... just don't happen anymore.

"I tried many time manage-ment programs in the past and none of them solved the root problem which was causing me to fail to achieve my goals. Lifestorms supplied the missing link. I encourage everyone to get this who isn't achieving..."

Rob Northrup, Atlanta GA

Think of what this means for your time management. For your business. For your family. When you wake up, and instead of dreading the Monday, you eagerly go to work on building the life you love, with the people you love. I can't guarantee you'll take action to create this life for yourself. But I can guarantee that you'll have the tools to do it.

There are 12 Negative Life Patterns. It only takes one to devastate your life. I've never met anyone who had less than two. I... had 9. That's a lot. The good news is that I was able, using this program, to eliminate all of those patterns, and now you can too.

Finally, there's a simple system for determining which of these Negative Life Patterns you're living now. (To find out which of the 12 you have, spend a matter of seconds on each using my simple litmus test.)

Then you'll be able to follow a simple formula to unplug each pattern. Plus a method for installing the pattern that is going to create -- literally -- the life you desire for you, and your family.

It's up to you, now, to decide the course of your life. To go deeper into the key to defeating self-sabotage, the key to getting more out of life... and enjoying real peace with your friends and family, you must learn more about Lifestorms.

Please read below to see what this program -- perhaps the most valuable I've produced -- has in store for you...

  • “Are Negative Life Patterns genetic?” No, but find out what is, and how that can predispose you to certain types of Self-Sabotage (CD 1, track 3, 3:17)
  • Paradoxes of projection. Discover the truth behind “Mistrust will usually move them to the behavior that you mistrust them of” (CD 1, track 1, 40:40). This and other paradoxes described inside could change how you relate to your loved ones forever
  • Secret strengths hidden in your Negative Life Patterns. Find out what strength you might have developed from the same patterns that threaten to derail your life
  • A word about ethics: when you recognize Self-Sabotage in others, don't let this power go to your head. What should you do instead? (CD 1 track 3, 0:20)
  • Why tools of influence and persuasion, and self-improvement, can't work until you do this (CD 1, 1, 28:14)
  • Emotional Deprivation (CD 2, track 2) is one of the most devasting Negative Life Patterns to live with because it means you can't find fulfillment in any of your relationships. Unplug just this one, and you'll find more love and happiness than you've known...
  • Feel guilty about procrastinating? Forget it. (Sometimes there are bigger forces at work than just not wanting to deal with something (CD 3, track 6))


You'll also enjoy these unexpected benefits...

  • Predict the behavior of others. Once you understand all 12 patterns, you will not only have unparalleled self-knowledge, you'll be able to read and thus predict patterns in others
  • "The more you need money, the harder it is to get." Not anymore! Once you're aware of the Negative Life Patters, laid out on CDs 2 and 3, you'll be able to plug the leaks in your career that seem to conspire to bring you to financial ruin. You're this close to mastery
  • See Kevin Hogan (that's me) delivering the keys to moving people into your circle of influence with the 14 components of emotional intelligence, bonus DVD described below...


Who shouldn't buy this program

Before you decide what this program will mean to your life, let me ask you to hold judgement. If you weren't interested in getting ahead in life, with integrity, you wouldn't be here. I won't tell you how to make up your mind, if you agree to weigh the benefits you're about to get against what you will lose by delaying your decision.

Dr. Kevin Hogan holds a Doctorate in Psychology and is the author of fifteen books (and counting...).

He is Body Language Expert and Unconscious Influence Expert to the BBC, the New York Post and dozens of popular magazines like InTouch, First for Women, Success!, and Cosmopolitan. He has become the go-to resource for analyzing key White House figures.

Hogan has taught Persuasion and Influence at the University of St. Thomas Management Center and is a frequent media guest.

Kevin Hogan is generally agreed to be the nation's leading body language expert. Kevin is a dynamic, well-known international public speaker, consultant and corporate trainer, commanding $25,000 per training. He has trained persuasion, sales and marketing skills to leaders in the government of Poland, employees from Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks, Cargill, 3M, The United States Postal Service and numerous other Fortune 500 companies. He recently spoke to The Inner Circle and at the Million Dollar Roundtable (MDRT) convention in Las Vegas.

His cutting edge research into the mind creates a unique distillation of information never before released to the public.

First, think back to how some things keep recurring in your life, things that hold you back. Now that you have an idea (from reading through this information) of where that Self-Sabotage comes from... Imagine what it will mean to you, and to all who come in contact with you, to never be slave to that reaction again. Ahh, Freedom.

Next, seriously consider your future, both with and without this freedom. How much is it worth to you to get clear of all the things you do to destroy your life. Think how many $1000s in income are left on the table. Think about what it will mean to the people who look up to you, who often model your patterns -- both good and bad.

Now, you've undoubtedly heard that it's possible to change habits and patterns that you’ve developed over twenty, thirty, forty plus years. And perhaps it is. But to really unplug them and install new patterns takes time. If you're serious about designing the life you love, I've made this as easy for you as possible.

Just listen to the 3 CDs, packed with everything you need to get total control over your Life Patterns, over a weekend. There's a manual with this product to guide you through the exercises. Then spend a few minutes every day for 45 days to keep tabs on the changes your engineering into your life. It's as simple as that.

Further, take a moment to compare that value to the cost of this simple plan for defeating Self-Sabotage forever.

This program is so unique, I don't even know what to compare it to. My original price was $297, but I want this to be as widely available to those elite few who are willing to do what it takes to achieve their goals and dreams. While still upholding the value of the work. So, for now, this relatively hidden program is available to you for $197.

I can only imagine what it would have meant to me to have developed this program and gone through it myself ten years earlier.

It's time now to unplug these Negative Life Patterns that are behind your procrastination, your 'status quo' prison.

In short, it's time to harness the power of your
subconscious, and break the ties that hold its elephantine powers in check.

"Kevin Hogan PsyD. Overdelivers"

It just wouldn't be a Kevin Hogan product if I didn't overdeliver. Not only do I pack every product with the best, scientifically researched content available, I include supporting materials to make sure you get 10 times the value out of every product.

And because I want to make this easy for you to really hit the ground running on these cosmic personal changes, I've included a DVD which outlines the Negative Life patterns.

But there's more. This DVD was recorded live in front of 200 people, and gives you the 14 Components of Emotional Intelligence. This is huge. Not only will you now have the power to identify patterns of Self-Sabotage in yourself, you'll be able to ramp up your emotional intelligence to 'read' what's going on emotionally in others.

You'll learn...

  • The Tuna Story. It's hard to move through life without a great deal of social awareness. Learn through a real life example how you can avoid embarrassment that you might not even be aware of (14:33)
  • The truth about optimism. Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's a good idea... or just delusion. Find out what belief you need to make it through your hard times (12:14)
  • "The stupidest people I ever met." Discover what the Washington D.C. Marriott can teach you about "other orientation" in The Ironing Board
    Story (19:56)
  • Want to make the deals (business and personal) you want without resistance? Not going to happen without this key component (23:56)
  • Discover what "The Girl in the Yellow Dress" can teach you about empathy. One of Kevin's most treasured stories (37:56)

Even this is not enough. Because you are here, wanting to improve your life, investing in a program to make the world just a little better all around you, I want to offer you a...


Surprise Bonus

Since this program ranks among my 'best kept secrets' -- truly the key to getting the most out of your life and the information I offer for free on my website -- I will include my favorite thing I've ever written. This will change your take on 'the meaning of life' through powerful metaphor. If you're looking for a different model of 'abundance mindset', this will give you just that, through the power of story telling. Look for it in digital form on the Manual CD.


So add up the benefits...

So, when you make the decision to invest in yourself, you'll be getting 3 CDs, outlining the origins of Self-Sabotage, the 6 Fundamental Emotional Needs, the 3 basic responses to the lack of fulfillment, and much more. Also included on the CDs will be a break down of each Negative Life Pattern, where each comes from, how it manifests in your life today, and what possible strengths you may have gained from coping with this pattern, which you did not ask for.

Finally, you'll learn in the CDs how to unplug every Negative Life Pattern in your life. And not only will you be unplugging them (and in less time than you thought possible), you'll learn how to install new patterns... that you did ask for.

And, just to make sure this is foolproof for you, there's a 'troubleshooting' section at the end, just in case.

All of this is supported by a Manual in pdf format, so you can control this process totally. There is supporting text and worksheets that make the process as simple as 1-2-3. Take it with you anywhere, print as many copies of the worksheets as you need.

"I know you have heard this before - the delivery of products is FAST, incredibly FAST. I have received notification and delivery of your products faster than any other product I have ordered in my life! Thanks for the wonderful products and service."

Carol Shireena Sakai

Don't forget you’ll be getting 1 DVD that not only lays out the Negative Life Patterns for you, it also gives you the power of knowing the 14 Components of Emotional Intelligence. This information is potent enough that you could deliver it, for a substantial fee, to corporations. Indeed, that's what many in the live audience have done.

Then there's the Surprise Bonus. You're going to love that one because of what it will mean to you.

All of this will be shipped to you fast. As a small business owner, I know how important it is to get things done on time. Your order will be rushed out to you usually the same day -- as long as I can get it there before the last shipping time of the day.

Go ahead and reread this letter if you need to. Or you can take the first step to ending Self-Sabotage. Create the life of your desire. Just add Lifestorms to your cart.


                                To your Personal Mastery, Kevin Hogan Conquer Self-Sabotage

Kevin Hogan



P.S. If you haven't decided to order yet, your subconscious may be working to keep you in your comfort zone. This program is the keystone for building a life of joy and freedom. I urge you not to delay.

P.P.S. If this seems like a lot to take in, go ahead and read through this letter again. The insights you get from this information alone could shift your perspective toward the next breakthrough in your life.

P.P.S. If you found the track times intriguing, you might want to bookmark this page. Because you may want to use it as a reference when you get the program.


What Are Customers Saying?

"Lifestorms came exactly the right information at the right time for me. In summary, I'm the 50 year old 'unfulfilled potential' and as I've dug up the past patterns over the last few years, I've progressed. But your program made me recognize both patterns and origins I had overlooked. Now I'm becoming free."

John Shoemaker, Tallahassee, FL

"One of the things I've learned about psychology and the drives of the unconscious mind is not to immediately trust my strong emotional responses to a situation. In fact, quite often, when I am my most emotionally fraught over a situation, the very VOLUME of the emotion is now a SIGN to me to STOP and think, "heyyyyyyyyy, this is probably a Lifestorm....... I better go review Kevin's CD program and investigate this." Thank GOD I already have a CD program.

"When stuff comes up, you KNOW how it can come up quickly! Well, I don't have to wait weeks to discuss it with a therapist by which time it's gotten buried again. I know that when stuff comes up THAT is the best time to address it and work through it. Having Lifestorms enables me to do JUST THAT!!

"Thanks Kevin! This is a super power life-changing tool that I use again, again, and again. It's a great Life Best Practice for me to revisit it about once a quarter or every 6 months or so."


"Lifestorms has become the cornerstone of my personal development library. I'm a big fan of Think and Grow Rich; it's what got me started when I began thinking as an entrepreneur.

"But just listening to Lifestorms, even without doing the worksheets, has helped me move forward much faster than I could have. Not only in business, but also with family and friends. All that just from the insight I got from listening. Now I'm going back to uproot permanently each of my own negative life patterns."

Sheridan Randolph, Chattanooga, TN


Was: $297

Just $197

Kevin Hogan on Success, Achievement and Time Management

Kevin Hogan on Success, Achievement and Time Management

Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732 USA

Kevin Hogan: Influence, Persuasion, Wealth Building

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