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Science of InfluenceTM Licensee APPLICATION FORM

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The Program Includes:

  • Kevin Hogan on video delivering the program. (You adapt for your particular use)
  • 31 page seminar manual you will give your participants
  • Step-by-step instructions for delivering the seminar, "live in person" or by tele-class
  • How to get hired for professional speaking and training opportunities
  • The ad and proposal Kevin used to build an empire 
  • 118-page Facilitator's Handbook
  • Renewable license to deliver the Science of Influence! program with no royalty fees. After the first 12 months, an annual flat fee of $4995 covers renewal and updates.
  • Discount pricing on copies of the Science of Influence! book 
  • Permission to use the trademarked Science of Influence! name and logo on your web site, business card, and marketing materials
  • Elite directory listing on the Science of Influence! web site
  • Tele-forums to help you be more successful in marketing and delivering the program
  • Free and instant upgrades to the Facilitator's Handbook
  • Free teleconference bridge time for your first tele-seminar or teleconference!
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Kevin Hogan's Science of InfluenceTM Licensee Program. $9995

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You will receive the Science of InfluenceTM Licensee Kit as described. Please allow 10-14 days for delivery.

Kevin Hogan's Science of InfluenceTM Licensee Program. $877 X 12 payments

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You will receive the Science of InfluenceTM Licensee Kit as described. Please allow 10-14 days for delivery.

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