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Your Subliminal Edge:
The First Factors that Cause Successful Subliminal Persuasion

By Kevin Hogan

Page 3

Factor One: Person Being Persuaded Must Be Motivated
The person to be persuaded needs to be present! There are people that will tell you that you can influence Bill in Tucson with their mind power because of Quantum blah blah. They can't. Subliminal Persuasion requires the person being able to be present with the stimulus.

What works subliminally? KEYPOINT: The person has to have some intrinsic motivation.

You may remember when I wrote about the subliminal "thirst" study where people who were not thirsty were not motivated to drink or buy *anything* when subliminally "cued." Only those that were already thirsty reacted to very specific subliminal messages.

Almost all subliminal messages fail because people don't know how to create them so they can be effective.

A recent study showed that people who knew they were going to be interacting with someone else responded favorably to an ad for a CD that if purchased, would put them in a good mood. Those people who were not going to be getting together with someone were not motivated in any way by the subliminal cues on a computer screen to purchase the CD.

You can have the technology, but if you don't understand ALL the components, you can't make it work. :-)

In other words, the conscious awareness that they were going to be getting together with someone was a prerequisite to buying a CD that would restore their mood.

KEYPOINT: Understand that. If you don't want to go to church Sunday or have an aversion to going to church or want to watch the football game or whatever, subliminal messages cueing you to go to church are going to fail, period.

Factor Two: Effective Subliminals Wire into Motivation and Desires
KEYPOINT: If the girl is on the fence and your subliminal hits the right button, she'll happily come off the fence. But if she is repelled by the guy, all the subliminals in the world won't cause motivation for the girl to be interested in the guy.

As a rule: Subliminals WIRE INTO MOTIVATION and DESIRES, OR, they direct the individual to do or think ONE specific thing.

Return to the "interaction study" for a moment. What do you think motivated people to buy the CD when exposed to the advertisement???

  • A message that said..."feel better and buy the cd"
  • "appear happier to the next person you meet"
  • "this cd will make you feel good!"
  • "feel good!"
  • "feel better!"
See, all those affirmation goofballs will tell you that is the kind of stuff that will work.

It doesn't. The people who bought the CD were exposed to a subliminal SAD face!

I chuckle only because no one (without this information) will make their flashing subliminal images with that sad image intending to cause a behavior. And it's pretty much the only cue that will work!

Subliminal Factor Three: Know the ____________ Before You Begin ...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
16526 W. 78th St. #138
Eden Prairie, MN 55346
(612) 616-0732

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