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Your Subliminal Edge:
The First Factors that Cause Successful Subliminal Persuasion

By Kevin Hogan

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We Are All Wired for Greed

Humans are wired for greed Yes, we ALL have a greedy side. It's nothing to feel disappointed about. We are biologically plugged into greed, long before birth. We all have our pride, lust, envy, avarice, vanity, and whatever the rest of the fun things are that when you overdose on them, they become sins.

In excess, they can cause self destruction. Everyone has some of these traits. Mother Teresa did. Gandhi did. Everyone.

KEY POINT: We all have desires that drive us beyond rational thinking and decision making.

You can buy a CD that claims it's filled with subliminal messages that will do XYZ for you, and it is garbage. Pure garbage. I always keep my fingers crossed that those selling such things at least believe that they are performing a service...because when I see people burning dollar bills it pains probably only have so many, and pretty much every purchase in life needs to be AN INVESTMENT.

And it's with this preface in mind we enter the realm of Subliminal Persuasion. When I am talking about subliminal persuasion, you can know that it is more than "real." It is profoundly and amazingly powerful.

Without hesitation, it is that which is most exciting to me in the field of influence and covert hypnosis, and it is definitely that which makes me the most nervous.

The Negative Side of Subliminal Persuasion

The two negatives are simple.

First, you can misuse every form and aspect of influence.

Persuasion is powerful. It is VERY easy to cause people to kill complete strangers (and loved ones) for absolutely no reason other than a belief. Someone once said to me, "hypnosis can't be used to make someone do something they normally wouldn't do." The truth? Just about ANYONE can cause anyone else to do something they normally wouldn't do. There's nothing unusual about it, and you don't need hypnosis.

Secondly, I become concerned because when we're talking about subliminal persuasion, 10 people will come out of the woodwork, make a subliminal DVD and put it on the market, make a few thousand bucks and it will "do" absolutely nothing for the unwitting customer.

There are so many conditions that have to be met for subliminal persuasion to be effective and the probability that the huckster has studied it and tested it approaches nil.

And they will attempt to sell us this DVD which was made based upon what was written here or something I released...but buyer beware...they don't have the whole story....

They are already cropping up...They don't work.

I want to share with you today, factors that cause success or failure in Subliminal Persuasion.

Exciting Developments in the Field of Subliminal Persuasion

Now, let me tell you straight away that I think the idea of being at a website and having subliminal cues there is nothing short of exciting. The idea of having subliminal-like messages on the restaurant table or at the bar simply fascinates.

"Using subliminals" to get the girl to say "yes," or the client to say "yes"'s all exciting...and you should be able to know how to do it.

If I invest 200-300 hours into subliminal research, I'm going to write four articles about that work....and then I'm going to create a program of perhaps 5-10 CD's and let you own what I know. You could do all the same research, but would likely find it prohibitive.

There are no secrets in HOW to discover what works, there are plenty of secrets in knowing what works. My place is to save you the 9,999 attempts at creating a light bulb before finding the one way that works. What would Edison have paid for that? Exactly.

The subliminal pull (push) occurs ONLY when several things are already in place.

Factor 1:To Be Subliminally Persuaded They Must Be ___________ ...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
16526 W. 78th St. #138
Eden Prairie, MN 55346
(612) 616-0732

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