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Your Subliminal Edge:
The First Factors that Cause Successful Subliminal Persuasion

By Kevin Hogan

Up until now, I've found 14 factors in creating effective subliminal "messages". There are probably more, a lot more.

What does "Subliminal" mean? What is a "Subliminal Cue and Message?" Subliminal cues are images or words that appear on a computer screen and are "flashed" at varying intervals through the experience of someone actively participating in some other activity on the computer. Perhaps they are playing a game or doing a test. They might be balancing the budget or doing their banking.

The flashed images are almost never visible to the vast majority of people. If the image DOES become visible, it is not subliminal. It is nothing but an intrusion on the computer user.

Subliminal images are generally pictures of animals or people's faces. They can also be words.

Complex images like scenery, or anything that has multiple meanings don't have an impact on the individual and are not useful.

Subliminal images and cues are used to calculate just how important certain images or words are in priming behaviors of the individual. In other words, can you change behavior by unseen words or images.

You can.

A word written on a piece of paper laying on your coffee table is a supraliminal cue. It often has a similar priming effect as an actual sublminal cue on a computer or TV screen.

The word, "Love" could influence people that sit at the coffee table to be more loving, IF they are not consciously aware of the piece of paper.

40 years ago subliminal images were thought to include hidden pictures of people or body parts in magazine advertising. The efficacy of such advertising strategy was never shown to be profitable. (It didn't work.)

Much as psychotherapy no longer uses Id's, Ego's and SuperEgo's in search of repressions, Subliminal Images are now tested to see what is effective in priming behavior in real life.

Understanding how to utilize a "subliminal cue" requires that the person understands just what makes people tick. And sometimes, we learn from these cues what else makes people tick!

In this article I want you to find out a few of these factors and discover how you can use them at the office, the club, the bar and with anyone you choose.

Part of my mission on this orb has been about giving my friends the edge in life. The edge over the competition, against the scamsters, the edge on achievement of goals and desires.

People desire instant everything

Is There Really Instant Anything?

Greed is something you and I would like to know more about. What triggers greed? What dollar figure or imagery?

People buy the "Instant__________" because they are greedier than they are smart. There are exceptions. Instant Coffee is not great but not so terrible.

  • Instant Billionaire
  • Instant Weight Loss
  • Instant Fame
  • Instant Pick a Desire
And, there is a lot of money to be made in the "quick buck" business.

In 2006, right before "The Secret" came out, I can now tell you that I was asked to joint venture a promotion where you would spend $10,000 of which I would get paid half when you wrote X.X. a check for $10,000. What would you have gotten for your money?

You guessed it. His claim was that you would be able to simply "imagine" and "think" about something and it would come into being.

No kidding.

I read the documents that you would get. It was embarrassing. It should have been illegal. I was disgusted.

I told the middle man trying to make this JV happen, NO.

He was surprised. Told me how easy the money would be.

And in fact, I am regularly asked to put someone's junk in Coffee for you to look at...I refuse 99+% of all such "offers."

Let someone else do it. I'm having Coffee with you.

Now, on the rare occasions I tell you that something which is claimed to be spectacular... is indeed true..., there is a reason to consider the proposition.

You've trusted me for 5 or 6 or 10 or 11 years or however long you've been with me on Monday morning. And you know that if it's in Coffee, it's worth considering. You've been "primed" to know that what we talk about is worthy, trustable and typically falls in the realm of usefulness, value and fun.

A lot of readers would have pulled out $10,000 and spent it just because Kevin Hogan would tell them that they would get something, literally, for nothing, virtually instantly, like unexpected piles of money in the mailbox. (And I am not kidding, that is precisely what this "opportunity" that I let you miss was about.) It was called Quantum Something or Other....

How and why was this amazing program going to work?

  • Because you imagine it.
  • Because it's the nature of the universe.
  • Because it's understanding the nature of the universe and utilizing that.
  • Because you did affirmations for it.
And that is total garbage - and though I rarely name names, don't ever fall for this.

So greed is something you need to consider as you find out about using Subliminal Cues.

Do you all have a greedy side? Can it be subliminally triggered? How?

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
16526 W. 78th St. #138
Eden Prairie, MN 55346
(612) 616-0732

Coffee cup photo appears under license with Stockexpert. Article photo appears under license with istockphoto/JamesBrey.

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