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Sex, Women and the Truth About What Women Think...
About Women

by Kevin Hogan

Page 8

For Marketers?
Kevin Hogan on Sex, Selling and MarketingAnd if you run Cosmo? (Payin' Attention Kate White?!) You have nothing to worry about. Women will continue to buy the best selling magazine in the world because they are just as attracted to the cover girl as men are.

Only difference is the women will not always be happy about what they are attracted to because of societal/cultural pressures...and will often be confused by their own feelings toward that cover girl.

On a serious note, I do talk to a lot of women who struggle with the "OK-ness" of all of this. I mean if I looked at Dave Lakhani and said, ooooooooooh gotta have that, I'd have some challenges. (So would poor Dave)

Women are very different than men.
We're universally attracted to them (except by gay men).

Problem is, nothing in culture should suppress real feelings and thoughts to the point where you have to justify your own thoughts and feelings when all they are is thoughts and feelings. Walk into a society with a bunch of rules like the US of A and you get women with big question marks running around their brain.

As much fun as I like to have with all this stuff (and it is fun figuring out who we are at the deepest level) it's socially important to realize that social norms don't match internal feelings and it causes a whole bunch of problems, and someday society will mature to the point (and Europe is better here than the USA) where you can be what you are and say what you think and feel.

Dang...that article didn't hurt half as bad as I thought it would...

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Kevin Hogan
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