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Psychology of Wealth Accumulation: Permanently Escaping Self-Sabotage and the Hypnosis of Flawed Thinking

Kevin Hogan, Psy.D.

(excerpted from The CD: The Psychology of Wealth Accumulation, Volume One)

You surrender the majority of your waking hours, energy and precious time for the purpose of acquiring money. Isn't it time to accumulate it? Isn't it time to utilize the fruit of your labor...stop punishing yoursef, and begin rewarding yourself?!?

The money you accumulate is a symbol of...

Your life,
Your work,
Your value
Your value of...your Self

"It's only money."

Of course that's a true statement. So is "money isn't everything." Of course the implications of these statements to the unconscious mind are that your work isn't anything...and that is the beginning of self-sabotage.

No one says, "It's only 30 years of my life that I'm working for them." or, "It's only 60 hours of high stress, highly intense work."... "It's only money."
"Money isn't everything."
"Money is the root of all evil."

Question 1. Now, what causes people to verbalize odd phrases like, "it's only money"? It's all a bit confusing and strange at this moment.

I'm going to answer that question a bit later but first:

Let's make a deal: You and me. Let's rubber stamp this notion: The most important thing in life is the love and richness between you and those you deeply care about.

It's what comes next that this CD is all about. My outcome for this CD series is to completely unplug any self-destructive beliefs you have about money and it's accumulation, and, plug in a new psychology into your mind about just how important those little green pieces of paper are. What they MEAN to your UNCONSCIOUS mind. Wealth accumulation may just be the most important concept you have ever eased into. In this (excerpt) you are going to see that money can and should become a symbol of you, your life, your value and your work. Startling? Preposterous? Most people read that sentence with a darkly colored lens! Do you? Until that sentence is a truism you are far more likely to fail in your relationships, your work and worse, fail in life. When it becomes will succeed in family, in life, in love. It seems very odd. Almost uncomfortable. Why? I'll explain it all. There is a powerful disempowering psychology that exists in the world about money and what it means. This CD is going to shake you up and help you see as you never have seen before! For now, listen closely...and watch your paradigm lightning.

Question 2. Of the remaining top five values and needs in life, what might they be? What SHOULD they be?

I'll answer that question shortly as well. Before we come to the key psychological principles involved in wealth accumulation, I want to open three doors for you into my life. I rarely talk about these experiences...Maybe you have similar experiences...I hope not. If you feel a little uneasy at times as you read this, that is GOOD! One thing is certain, there is an enormous amount of value to be gleaned from these snapshots.


Picture One. I was 4 years old when my parents divorced. My Dad never sent my Mom money to take care of three kids of which I was the oldest. When you are the mother of three kids and you have no job and no money, you have a challenge. Food, shelter and clothing all cost money. So do some other things you might want in life, like transportation, school supplies, birthday presents, Christmas presents, shoes and so on... I learned very quickly that without money, essentially, you cannot function without becoming an enormous burden to someone else...and you hurt.

Picture Two. Mom remarried when I was 6. (Thank god!) Then within two years my new Dad was bedridden with congestive heart failure. Hospitals couldn't keep him because his condition would often get to the point where he couldn't improve with treatment so he would be released and live in a hospital bed in our tiny little home. (and I mean SMALL) The 6 foot tall green oxygen tank always loomed next to his bed. Because of a fighting spirit, my new Dad would live until I was 12. There were four years without any real income. (Except what Mom would make at her "job.") Here's the money end of the picture: The family was over one million dollars in debt (1974 dollars) with hospital expenses for two years plus extended trips in and out of intensive for the next four, as none was covered by insurance. Mom's income was the equivalent of $12 per hour in today's economy. Five kids, a million in debt, no assets...and we had to make payments on that debt every month. My "new Dad" died when I was 12. I learned very quickly that being unprotected financially makes for a life of absolutely no fun. Only work to pay the hospital. (There was never a doubt that the hospital DESERVED the money, they took very good care of my Dad when he was there.)

Without thoughtful, careful, and detailed financial planning, your life can be 100% destroyed by lack of money. Not hurt...devastated. Worse: When this kind of disability happens and you watch someone die every day for six years, the other parent must work almost all waking hours. That's a single parent family of the most difficult kind. Most single parent families are in tough enough shape...often like a time bomb waiting to go off. Imagine working 60 hours per week while your lifepartner lays in bed and there is only a 12 year old taking care of all FIVE kids in the house. How do you feel at the end of the day? No money? Makes a painful problem devastating. You become an enormous burden to other good hearted people who try and help you through these difficult times.

Picture Three: Mom remarries when I am 15. There is financial stability for the first time in life until...two years later Dad number three is in a head on collision, most of the bones in the body broken, and ultimately confined to a wheel chair for two years. (See same pictures as above...the guy was uninsured that hit Dad three...and Dad three carried "full coverage" at the minimum rates.) Yes...More of all that you see above...and the lesson: You become an enormous burden to other good hearted people who try and help you through these difficult times...and even they will burn out eventually.

Now, I give you these three snapshots not to encourage you to feel anything, but to begin a process of thought inside you about accumulating wealth and preparing in advance for these kinds of life events. (Did you know you are 7 times more likely to suffer a LONG TERM disability than you are to die this year?)

These movies stream through my mind every week, and they provide the impetus to prepare, be wise in investment and protect those two little kids so they never have to endure similar circumstances...and in would be tough for that situation to happen. (Though as I have experienced in life, NOTHING is impossible...good...or bad!) The movies of other people having helped in my life have given me the stimulus to help others for the rest of my life.

Now: Let's read the statements that I started off with:

"It's only money."
"Money isn't everything."
"Money is the root of all evil."

How do you respond to those statements now?

"Of course it's not everything, and if you don't have it, you could end up with literally nothing."
"Who are you fooling?"
"You gotta be kidding."
"You can say that when you don't have to endure something like this."

Now, let's take this to the next logical step.

Millions and millions of children are starving to death in Africa, India, the Middle Eastern countries which are oh-so-wealthy and give oh-so-nothing to their people, and China. Literally no food on many days. Little drinking water if any. And kids are dying every single minute of every single day....usually needlessly.

Now, if those children had money, they could eat. They could live. But they don't and they won't. It's that simple.

"It's only money."
"Money isn't everything."
"Money is the root of all evil."

To that child who will die in about twenty minutes, he could live and grow up and be healthy and maybe even happy if he had one thing: Money to go to town and buy food, water and medicine. But he doesn't, and he won't and there is little...nothing... that you can do about know why? Because you don't have enough money. It's that simple. If you had the money Bill Gates does, you could give away 1.5 BILLION dollars this year as well, and save hundreds of thousands of lives...real lives. Real people.

Now, let's bring this back to you and your family. If you don't stabilize your family for the long-term, there is nothing you can do to impact the world in any meaningful way. So put aside that picture of that beautiful child that will die in a few minutes. Let's get YOUR life planned for and cared for so you have the ability to help change the world.

"It's only money."
"Money isn't everything."
"Money is the root of all evil."

Wealth accumulation is the only way you can protect yourself and those you love from everything we've been talking about. That's it. It's not complicated.

You have an absolute right and moral obligation to accumulate money so you can guarantee your family will be safe, secure and literally have an opportunity for happiness...long-term. You have that right and that privilege.

Don't blow it on a stupid ideology, belief or a meaningless catch phrase.

I want to share with you some psychological paradigm busters. Here is how people have been programmed to think, and I guarantee you, I'm going to unplug every single one of these beliefs so that you don't limit yourself as to who you can become, what you can do and most importantly: how you can contribute to someone else's life in a MEANINGFUL fashion.

* "Kevin, I look at my paycheck and there's nothing left....they took money for my 401K..." I once had to say this to a loved one...who I was a bit upset with: "Look you idiot, that 401 K is the only money YOU actually get paid for out of all the hours you work. That $38 is all you really are going to KEEP from your 52 hour week you put in. That's the only money that MATTERS. The rest of it will be blown on something that will never get you anything in your car payment. That money is YOURS. You are paying yourself first and you deserve it. So does your family. In 20 years you won't be able to be doing what you are today, in fact Bill (different name), you have a one chance in 15 of living a better life when you are 65 than you are at today if you don't have that $38 taken care of and nurtured....and.... is the way you are living today the way you want to be living when you are in your sixties, seventies and eighties??"

Key Point: Start today. Fifteen years ago, I developed a rule of thumb. If I could write off an expense, it might be an expense that might be worth making. Roth IRA, education, books, investments, a house, and then something or really anything....that would give you a lifetime of benefit and growth instead of something that makes you feel good for the next three hours. The over arching theme: Make your expenses something that will make you happy for your life-time and not for the next few minutes. And that isn't to sell "fun for today" short. It's just that in the U.S. we have been programmed to buy "fun for today" everyday....and sell everything else in life out to die in that nursing home...if you can even afford to be there.

(By the way, I do my fair share of "spending" to support our economy and your job and the jobs of many other people. Spending IS important as well! More on this in the next CD!)

* Less than 1 in 4 adults reads a book after they get out of high school. And reading, learning and most forms of educating yourself are directly correlated to your level of income and accumulation of wealth. We live in a society of people who have an opportunity to learn, to help make a difference in the world, to make an impact but they don't and won't because they won't take the time to learn HOW. They won't invest in the book about Ben Franklin, or the entrepreneurial exploits of Sam Walton, the leadership of Abraham Lincoln, the love and emotional balance of The Dalai Lama. There isn't enough time to read because they are too busy spending three hours today on anything rather than investing their time so the rest of their life can be a dream come true. Selectively reading, listening and watching the wisdom of the greatest minds and hearts in the world will change your life. Choose wisely...but do choose.

* "It's only money."
Ready for the answer...the "why?" Here you go:

It is not.
Never say or accept this ignorant statement from anyone ever again. You work 30, 40, 50, 60 hours per week! You work hard. You do NOT get to be with your family while you work for the company! You are not engaged in meeting the needs of those who love you the most. You come home exhausted and you are given a paycheck. Now, listen to this carefully and always remember the next 10 paragraphs.

These are people with normal intelligence who really believe that a paycheck is something they are "given" and not something they have EARNED. When you earn something you want to keep it and judiciously invest it! When you are given something, it normally has substantially less value.

Casinos wisely exchange currency...real money from the player and give "chips" back in return. Chips are like Monopoly money. They only carry a percentage of the emotional value that currency does.

But here is what you have never thought of before:

When you receive a "paycheck," you get a little tiny piece of paper. Insignificant. Why did you get that? Because of 50 hours of stress! 50 hours of devotion and dedication to your work. 50 hours of problem solving, selling, therapy...or whatever it is you do. And the piece of paper "is only money." But what you DID to get it is NOT! You WORKED HARD! Money is what you receive in exchange for HARD WORK. IT IS HARD WORK. It is VALUABLE WORK and YOU are VALUABLE. YOUR WORK IS WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR LIFE and THAT means everything to your self esteem!

When you receive money you receive it as a cause/effect.

Hard work/smart work = Currency.

250 years ago someone gave you a goat, you gave them corn, they gave that guy a cow, that guy helped build another person's house. You can't do that in the 21st century. So we have a cashless society, essentially. You get a piece of paper or a direct exchange for the 50 hours of LIFE you gave to someone else. In the best situation, where you love what your work is: Your work is your life is your money is your value.

Further, little pieces of paper are symbols. They are symbols of the value you have created for someone else. When that person perceives you as having created a lot of value you receive a lot of currency. This is YOURS.

You surrender a big part of your life for the SOLE PURPOSE of acquiring that currency.



No one says, "It's only 30 years of my life that I'm working for them." or "It's only 60 hours of high stress, highly intense work."

But the negative program is that it's "Only money."

And the "only money" is precisely what you are working to accumulate. But then you have tapes running in your brain from people who didn't know better...They didn't know that currency isn't important. It is DE-VALUED. Thus YOU are devalued.

Do you think your unconscious mind hasn't figured this out? It did long ago, and that is a big part of why YOU often feel devalued.

Money is absolutely NOT everything but money IS the equivelance of your lifework. Your life is worth investing in, growing, creating, developing. Promise yourself that you are going to utilize the money you acquire to accumulate wealth. You will learn, invest, leverage, and contribute. You will ultimately do what you love in exchange for money and when this happens you will acquire wealth faster than you ever dreamed.

Now, let's talk a bit about self sabotage...

(To be continued...)

"Abundance Happens on Purpose." Kevin Hogan
Did you know there are 8,000,000 millionaires in the United States?

One in 11 of those millionaires inherited a significant sum, if not all of their money. 91% of all millionaires started with essentially nothing and yet became millionaires. The majority of those did so before they came to "retirement age." There are eight million rags-to-riches stories in the United States. How would you like to be the next one?

Millionaire Mind Wealth Package
What makes up the mind of the millionaire? And what does it take to build wealth in these trying times?

With the Wealth Package we have put together for you, you're going to discover the answer and begin to immediately implement it in your life. There will be no philosophical guesswork, only facts about what mindset causes people to attract money into their lives. More importantly you are going to be able to easily adopt the beliefs, values, thoughts and attitudes of the most wealthy people on the planet while benefiting your family, friends and community. Learn what it takes to have the balanced life.

We have put a spectacular package together for you. This is an abundance of information, all geared toward building wealth. Learn the psychology behind money, and the factors of the Millionaire Mind. Learn about the Attraction Principle and being in control of your own freedom with a new mental imaging technology called Freedom Focus.

More Information about the wealth package or to order

Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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