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The Subliminal Brain: Understanding and Utilizing the Science of Subliminal Influence

Kevin Hogan

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Visually Presented Subliminals

Kevin Hogan on subliminal influence with video imagingIn the case of the video, a message can be flashed so quickly on a screen or TV that you don't see it but your unconscious mind ...caught it. The unconscious mind doesn't evaluate the information; it simply is primed to move in the direction of the subliminal.

Of course, most of us don't walk around with a subliminal video that we can show our prospective buyers, clients, or mates. So you have to change the strategy from flashes of information on a TV screen to a specific subliminal message in the immediate environment.

And it has to be presented in a very specific fashion to be effective. Researchers testing visual subliminals urging participants to drink Coca Cola found only one way that subliminals would work. All the rest failed.

It is this subliminal perception and the ensuing encoding, filtering, deletion, and similarity matching in the brain that in large part causes those things like "love at first sight," "instant sale" and sense of comfort (or not) you experience in one place but not another.

Most attempts at subliminal persuasion don't work simply because the person attempting the influential strategy don't know how to make it work. It is in fact...a predictable phenomenon. Done correctly, you will know in advance if your technique will work.

Video Subliminal Imaging Works

It turns out that visual subliminal perception is a valuable asset and one that doesn't work while you sleep...doesn't cause instant prosperity...but does cause attitudinal and behavioral change in the majority of people...and I'm going to show you precisely how to utilize this competitive advantage.

You'll find out the simple scientific evidence of why affirmations (repeating phrases over and over...or listening to them on a tape or watching them on a subliminal video) don't work...with one very crucial and startling exception.

Can Subliminals Be Mis-used?

One recent study showed the power of subliminals and it's potential for misuse.

Showing slides of 9 different pictures of the same individual to a group of people, individuals wrote down how they felt about the individuals they saw in the slides.

The first group found the individual to be fun, exciting, and kind. The other group found the individual to be hostile, unkind, scary. Neither group reported seeing anything but the faces in the slides when queried.

Those that reported the positive information had unwittingly been shown very short images of Mickey Mouse, Disneyland and other fun stuff, before the slides. Those that reported negative feelings had been unwittingly shown very brief images (13 ms. each) of sharks and other nasty things.

Take-away? Subliminal perception can cause attitudinal change and CREATE attitudes all by themselves.

Granted that is fascinating, but here is something shocking. In a similar study pairing "subliminal" faces evoking happy and positive feelings with a neutral (expressionless) face and then another set of neutral faces paired with unhappy and angry faces something amazing happened...

As you might have predicted, the participants rated the neutral faces that were paired with positive faces as positive... later. The same was true with the negative.

However, the incredible thing was that when presented with the neutral faces months later, the group still paired the positive with positive and negative with negative. There was no decay! The implications of course are enormous...and THIS is why scientists are so wary to publish about visual subliminal research.

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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