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The Subliminal Brain: Understanding and Utilizing the Science of Subliminal Influence

Kevin Hogan

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Causing Change with Subliminals

I was like every other college student. I wanted to use the sleep learning audiotapes to learn while I slept. I wanted to use the super dooper speed reading (25 times faster than the Evelyn Wood course!) so I could pound through those annoying textbooks that were as boring as they were heavy. I wanted to use the subliminal cassettes so I could have more confidence, and do everything faster and better, with little effort on my part.

Unfortunately, none of them worked.

Do subliminal audios work?We all burned the midnight oil in the dorms with our Calculus texts and problem for the night with only our brains. No other gateways were opened. It wasn't long before I became disenchanted.

Lack of money caused an investment in a 7-tape audio program in 1983 on how to bring instant prosperity. Subliminal. Recorded by professional sound engineers. I spent the $100. Nothing. On a few other occasions desperation led to unwise investment and my desire to improve was never helped. Same as everyone else's story. I was doing as well as I could in the circumstances and the very nice sounding musical selections were doing little more than relaxing me.

Having spent thousands of dollars and had zip to show for it in return, I confess I was bitter on the entire concept of subliminals. I did some research. Scoured the textbooks and journal articles. Everyone else except the person selling the subliminals found the same thing I spent tons of money on. They don't work.

Then about eight years ago, I found myself writing a diatribe about subliminals and their impotence. I got the typical letters and emails from those who sold them demanding withdrawal of my comments. That wasn't possible... And...I got one email that detailed numerous studies that had just taken place in the prior year about the value of VIDEO subliminals and visual priming to cause attitude and belief change.

My initial reaction was skepticism (I anticipate you know that is my nature...) but appreciative for the intelligent and even-minded tone with which the email was sent. I went to the original articles. There was indeed something working and working very well in some subliminal videos and various computer experiments where subliminal messages were being used to change the attitude or behavior of the user. This was clear. It was fascinating stuff. I was captivated.

For the next six years (to date), I have followed subliminal research closely and experimented with many of the facets of subliminal perception and what works...and what doesn't in the video/visual area.

There was always the nagging thought, "If audio doesn't work...why would the video?"

If, as one study showed, you could help elderly people enhance their memory and activity level after visual subliminal exposure...why not on an auditory level.

The reason it turns out was very simple.

The Differences Between Audio & Visual Processing

Kevin Hogan on  subliminal influence with video imagingOur auditory system has a very different make up than our visual system. It turns out that the failure of audio subliminals is not in the diligent creation of the tapes using the latest recording is in the antiquated auditory system. The brain is simply not primed by subliminal audio perception.

The analogy of being at a rock concert in front of the speakers blaring full blast while two people talk at the top of their lungs 20 rows back and can't even hear each other...and their very loud conversation is confusing and unheard even by each other. It has zero impact on you at the front. The sound of the two people is masked (You learn about this in tinnitus reduction and auditory habituation research) and is not perceived in any fashion.

On the other hand, our visual system meets capacity with approximately 10,000,000 bits of information per second. What you see in one hour, unfiltered, would fill the hard drive of 98% of computers.

Meanwhile our brain can process about 45 bits of information per second. (A few words at most) When reading, it processes about 30 bits per second. (A little more if reading silently.) When doing mental computations we can process about 12 bits of information per second.

In 10 minutes, your unconscious mind filters and processes 6.6 billion bits of information. Most of it is instantly deleted. A tiny fraction (but still a lot of bits!) is coded into implicit (not explicit) memory. That information can prime behavior, though unless targeted...won't. Of that tiny fraction, you aren't going to "remember" it for recall, but it will be there for potential recognition. You'll recognize the face but you won't remember the detailed content of the book that you try to hyper speed-read. You will unconsciously recognize those things that trigger crucial needs for survival. (Eating, sex, acquisition, etc.)

And, when done correctly, stimuli that are presented subliminally (under the radar of conscious awareness) your behavior...and mine...can be primed without our knowledge.

This happens in lots of ways.

How does it work?...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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