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The Subliminal Brain: Understanding and Utilizing the Science of Subliminal Influence

Kevin Hogan

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Research Reveals Subliminals Affect Attitudes

Kevin Hogan on subliminal influence Individuals were shown slides of words that were "neutral" in emotional content. Right before some of the words were shown, an image of an African American man or Caucasian man was flashed at a speed that could not be picked up by human awareness.

Skin response and other measures, including behavioral observation were noted. Then when the individuals shortly thereafter were presented with an error message on their computer that required a problem be fixed, the behavioral differences were striking.

Those individuals (cross cultural) who were subliminally exposed to the subliminal images of the African American man reacted with significantly more hostility than those who had been exposed to the subliminal images of a Caucasian man.

The results were so profound that the study first done in 1997 has been replicated several times since then by different scientists. Subliminal images in this case caused behavioral change in the form of emotional expression.

Sociological ramifications are enormous and incredibly helpful in beginning to understand and ultimately solve prejudice and racial stereotyping, but that isn't the subject of my work here.

Related Research Agrees

Other researchers presented with this information created new studies where individuals were given a task on a computer. A flash of light would appear somewhere on the screen and the individual would have to move the cursor to that point as quickly as possible. The flash of light included words.

Kevin Hogan on  subliminal influence For some people, all of the words within the flash were related to hostility. To other people 1/5 of the words in the flashes were related to hostility. To another group no words in the flashes were related to hostility.

Each individual was presented with a brief description of a person who behaved in an ambiguously hostile fashion. The experimenter(s) found that those individuals subliminally presented with more hostile words in the computer task described the stimulus person in a far more hostile way. Those who were flashed no words related to hostility had no significant negative impression of the individual.

After these results were recorded, one final piece of data was discovered. The individuals had no recognition memory for any of the words in any of the groupings that exceeded chance levels. The words never "hit" conscious awareness.

This study has been replicated.

Subliminal visual perception can change both attitudes toward others and actual behavior.

As researchers discovered and studied these heart-pounding phenomena, they would go on to find what kinds of messages caused attitudinal and behavioral change.

Indeed there are only two categories of subliminal activation that will cause behavioral and attitudinal change. All of the rest of the prompts and stimulations simply don't work. What does work, works predictably and predictably well. What doesn't work is an utter failure never exceeding chance.

The research is extensive and no one is bringing it out because they don't want it misused and abused.

The difference between audio and visual processing in the brain?...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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