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The Subliminal Brain:

Understanding and Utilizing the Science of Subliminal Influence

Kevin Hogan

Everyone asks me, "...Can you show me how to use this on my website?"

Yes. But I sometimes wonder if that isn't more appropriate for The Internet Marketing Course! Internet Marketing Course Seems to me like you shouldn't just put "that" out there!

OK, here is a foretaste...

Your brain processes subliminal and supraliminal information every day... and it determines your behavior almost to the point you believe you "decided" to do something.

And that's just not how you and I work.

Your visual processing system has remarkable capabilities.

That's a pretty cool thing.

Fortunately, most people who try and take advantage of this never read the research that shows that what *they* are doing isn't working because they are trying to use "messages"; and "messages" in the traditional sense don't impact buying behavior at all.

But there ARE messages that do not simply IMPACT but CHANGE buying behavior. I'll give you a four-page sneak preview right here, right now, into what I'm going to go deep with The Internet Marketing Course Team beginning September 1.

Think back: Remember when someone told you to "try subliminal tapes," for damn near any bogus reason they could get you to buy them. You did, and they didn't work.

Your brain couldn't process what wasn't hitting the auditory system. Two very different senses.

But....what about video?

Can subliminal influence on computer or video actually work?


Just what has been shown in the last year or two that WORKS?

Visual information is encoded and reacted upon by the emotional centers of the brain. Every week, fascinating breakthroughs are being announced within the field of neuroscience and even consumer marketing...but no one wants you to know about it.

It not only can work... we now know how to cause subliminal visual triggers and cues to work; and more importantly, we know why.

You won't hear about it on the news because researchers are very concerned about this area of study. It's not being silenced, but it's definitely not going beyond general press releases upon publication.

Do Any Subliminals Actually Work in a Meaningful Way?

Some kinds of subliminal visual "messages" do indeed work at changing attitudes and behavior when presented visually.

I used the word once but now we have to delete the word "messages" and replace it with CUES.

"Messages," imply more than one word or sentences...they are not successfully conveyed using subliminal technology.

But CUES are.

And yes, scientists around the globe are concerned about their findings. They worry that the application of such technology will give an unfair "advantage" to advertisers and marketers. Perhaps an enormous advantage.

Kevin Hogan on subliminal influence and research

You've heard about "the experiment" (which never really was done) that supposedly took place 50 years ago where the movie theater owner put in visual subliminal images to encourage movie goers to buy popcorn and coke.

The news got out that it was an incredible success. Results were never recorded, however. The study was not a study but a fabricated story.

What's remarkable is that the way the experiment was reported actually COULD have worked had they actually done it!

Over the years, scientists have wanted to learn about all kinds of things ranging from what causes prejudice and racial stereotyping to how the visual system of the brain absorbs and records information to what kinds of subtle and covert techniques influence others.

Subliminal Technology not only helps us understand ourselves and behavior, but also how we react at an evolutionary/nonconscious level to all kinds of different stimuli.

One recent study on prejudice and racial stereotyping was illuminating and a little scary too.

What happened?...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

Coffee cup and article photos appear under license with Stockexpert."Subliminal" video appears under license with istockphoto/esren.

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