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Beautiful Women and the Difference Between Success and Failure

Kevin Hogan

Before we begin, you should know I have a list of 23 Factors that distinguish successful people and those who fail. What you read about today will cause you to nail down a couple of the big a way you may not have considered...

And, before we begin, do know that "success" is not a synonym for money or happiness or even achievement. Sometimes success means you got the light to turn on. Other times success means that the handicapped kid took three steps after never having walked. Still other times, success is the achievement of greatness in some way that the achievement will be seen by many.

Kevin Hogan on Megan Fox, Branding and Success and Achievement FactorsToday we're going to talk about Megan Fox, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears and Carrie Prejean. Three successes and one soon to be failure.... How do you know who is "which" and how can you KNOW?! Then after you've pondered that you can pretty easily figure out your own destiny!

But really, aren't those four gals "interchangeable?"

Ah...definitely not...

Three of them have succeeded and one is in her 15 minutes...The three that are bonafide successes speak to a crucial factor of success. So what is it?

Is it the 10,000 hours?

You know, Gladwell was the most recent to report on decades old research and popularize it. (I wrote about the 10,000 hours three years ago in a series of articles about genius and didn't have the brains to see how it could be popularized...smack me in the head right now...thank you...)

Malcolm Gladwell...another monster success...due to the same factors you figure out today but nowhere near as fun to consider as that of Megan Fox...I'm coming there...

10,000 focused, practiced, disciplined hours invested into a niche, a field, a domain, a study, a...something... across all domains in ife, most great successes had that 10,00 hours of time investment to achieve greatness. But that's not the only point of today's plan.

But 10,000 hours doesn't mean you'll have the world at your feet.

It means you'll be damn good at what you do.


Being damn good is interesting, but it's only part of success, and in fact, excellence is NOT a requirement of success or achievement. It *can* be.

Think about your favorite rock band, current or Jurrasic. Doesn't matter.

Kevin Hogan on Gene Simmons and Success and Achievement FactorsNow think about guitarists.

Jimmy Page of Led Zep comes to mind. Maybe "The Edge" from U2.

They are brilliant.


There is a population of guys who play guitar (arguably) just as well as they do, maybe better, and they don't make 1/1000th of the money or have 1/1000th the visibility, fame, etc.

The vast, vast majority of world glass guitar players earn their income....doing something else...or they are working from paycheck to paycheck...

How can that be?!

The simple answer is: you don't need to be the most talented to be successful....thank goodness for that...

You typically (but not always by a long shot) need the 10,000 hours, but success is a lot more than that.

All things being equal, those 10,000 disciplined hours are nice to have and they give you an edge, but they aren't as big as a much simpler factor...something you can do...something you can figure out in one DAY...

What is it?

What matters more than the 10,000 HOURS that you can do in a DAY? ...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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