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Subliminal Persuasion:
From Lab to the Street

Kevin Hogan

Part One of Two

Page 3

The judge ruled the case dismissed. Zero evidence.

My take: You could listen to the music as it is and that might cause me to take a gun to my head.....

or... one of their "musicians" said at the time, "we would have backmasked 'buy our records, buy our records, buy our records," (My paraphrase, it's been awhile.)

Yes, the judge was right.


There were other cases where rock groups would intentionally track words or musical clips backward.

It was a cool use of technology that was popular for 10 years and then as records became less used and tapes became the thing, the fad died out.

The hidden subliminal messages only worked with records because you could actually play them backward....but audio tapes and cd's....well the fad died out....

No...of course it didn't "work."

And the impact of similar attempts intentional or not?
Not a dribble of evidence to show anything like that would impact anyone, in any way, ever.

End of that story.

But of course backward masking on music, intentionally done or not, was not the only way a message COULD be subliminal.

The message could be "recorded," so softly and then tracked onto the song that you couldn't "hear" it but you would ACT on it..

Could THAT work?

Kevin Hogan on subliminal messages on audioListening to audiotapes that purport to have subliminal messages on them have become an obvious not so subliminal joke on the consumer.

Not one tape or program anywhere...not one research study... anywhere at any time... has been able to show results "above the placebo response."

What's that mean?

Greenwald, Pratakanis, et al did a remarkable study where they had people listen to one of two tapes.

One, they told participants, was designed to improve memory. The other, they told other participants, was designed to increase self-esteem.

There was no subliminal message on either tape in this study. (There isn't on any of them in this study or for turns out.)

The label of the tapes were randomly assigned to the cassettes which all had the same music on them. One label indicated the tape would help improve memory. The other tape had a label that said it would raise self-esteem.

The experimenters told the groups examples of what they would...not ...hear on the tapes. "I feel fantastic today."

Results of the study?...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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