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Subliminal Persuasion:
From Lab to the Street

Kevin Hogan

Part One of Two

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Subliminal means "out of awareness and/or 'below' the threshold of conscious awareness."

We could get scientific-picky, but that's good for today.

There are two ways that marketers and researchers have attempted to use subliminal persuasion (outside of awareness...covert).

One has never worked and is completely bogus. The other has remarkable potential for just about every encounter for persuasion.

But we're not going to stick with dictionary definitions alone. I want to show you whether those old records made you smoke pot or not....and similar all time curiosities...

Let's start here:

Audio "Subliminal" Messages

Let's start with the most controversial case I can recall.

It was 20 years ago today that Sergeant Pepper taught.... Judas Priest (yes it was the Beatles that started backmasking). to play subliminal messages.

Kevin Hogan on Subliminal Influence in MusicAh...Judas Priest...I didn't do that kind of music. It bothered me.

It takes no rocket scientist to know that (lyrics) words not resisted and easily accepted can impact behavior, psyche, and a person's "goodness."

I know a few of my readers liked the genre and group. I passed....

Two teenage boys enacted a suicide pact, and one survived. But the song was "Better By You, Better Than Me," or SOMETHING like that and supposedly when played backward you could hear "Do it" (think suicide). That was the argument in the lawsuit 20 years ago.

Now before we get into whether or not it was Judas Priest that caused the kid to put a gun to his head and....pull the trigger....

If I take the claimed reversed lyrics: "Do it" and write it it's back to forward.... "phoentically" I get:

A nonsense word.

In other words, if you were stoned, you could hear anything you wanted to hear.....but the fact is that the sounds don't match up.

No big surprise here.

Judge for yourself - listen here Judas Priest audio

How did the judge rule? Was he right?...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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