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Kevin Hogan
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You CAN Change! Learn How...

by Kevin Hogan

There are a bunch of reasons why change is difficult; but today you find out the biggies.

Have you ever avoided doing something, even though it would make you feel good about yourself and help you accomplish a goal?

Kevin Hogan Las Vegas First, let me tell you that picture of me from the holidays last year reveals I'm about 32+ pounds lighter than I was when The Psychology of Persuasion was published.

32+ pounds is the same weight as about 4 GALLONS of MILK.

Can you imagine carrying FOUR gallons of milk in your hands?

I was carrying it with my body... and I hated it.

But don't think, "everything is perfect today, that struggle is over."


The struggle is the same today as it was 10 years ago.

I just know what to DO and how to THINK today.

And it's STILL a struggle!

And I STRUGGLE with weight...every day. Maybe you do to. If not then use this first sequence as a metaphor for the behaviors you want to change. If you, like me, struggle with pounds...then this is going to be easy to understand.

Let's suppose you know you should start eating less total food so your waist shrinks and your lifespan lengthens. Indeed, you like the way you feel when you eat healthy foods or your body feels lighter. So why is it that you eat more rationally for a few weeks …but then before you know it you're sitting on the couch with a bowl of chips again?

In other words, why are you and I so resistant to change? Why is it so easy to slip back into our old habits? There are plenty of reasons -- let's look at some of the most common…

Genes Make Good Friends...and Enemies

I recently had my genome done.

I wanted some ancestral information and I wanted to get some accurate health related data.

I pulled up the most important health reports from the 18,000 bits of information that I acquired in the megalithic document.

In a nutshell, my body is programmed with predictable and quantifiable health challenges (and a few perks) that are more or less likely to occur than average humans.

7 times more likely to have hypertension.
7 times more likely to have diabetes.
3 times more likely to be obese.
2 - 7 times more likely to develop various cancers some aggressive.

(Remember there were 18,000 pieces of information in the report. These were 4...)

I know what you're thinking...

a) Why would you want to know all that bad news?


b) You do realize that you aren't GUARANTEED to have hypertension, diabetes, cancer, etc., don't you?

And you would be right. Consider a useful metaphor...

Knowing the bad weather forecast triggers off the need to ward off, head off, or prepare for bad weather.

And of course people don't take actions because something good might happen in life. They take actions if something BAD is going to happen NOW.

On average bad news or pain is the only kind of news that really gets attention that is acted upon for humans...and I am one of those humans.

And hey some of the news was good news. Certain gene clusters work well at having a better memory, a warrior like mental make up and so on. It wasn't ALL bad.

BUT, importantly it was bad enough to be certain to clean out the arteries, stick less sugar in the gas tank and stay away from cancer triggers.

The picture of defusing a bomb came to mind...and is still there. Obviously bomb defusion when it's your body is an everyday gig, not a one stop fix.

This is where we begin...with the cards that are dealt into our hand and how we play them.

Familiarity is Safe

No matter how appealing change sounds - whether it's losing weight, making more money, or a goal to do the things you've always wanted to do (like travel the world) - staying in your rut means you stay safe.

Let's face it - the unknown is scary. And it causes enough fear at both the conscious and unconscious level to shut down the logic of growing, evolving and change. Instead you are given the instinct/intuition to do nothing which you are not familiar with that may have caused insecurity in the past.

Consider this: you're standing before the closed door of a very large room. Let's suppose that you happen to know there's a cash reward waiting for you if you open this door, walk across the room, and claim your reward. Simple, right? But there's a problem: the room is pitch black, so dark that you can't even see your hand in front of your face. Since you've never been in this room before, you have no idea what the interior of the room looks like.

Maybe it's a completely empty room that you could simply walk across and collect your reward. But on the other hand, your imagination creates other interesting scenarios like….could there could be broken glass on the floor, objects in the way that you'll trip over, and things hanging from the ceiling that you'll bump your head into…or WORSE!

For all you know there could be ANYTHING! You just don't KNOW. It's unfamiliar and uncomfortable and even though there is no reason to believe so, it's scary.

KEY POINT: Fear is not a conscious decision.

KEY POINT: Only a conscious decision can cause you to overcome fear.

So you start to think and wonder…

And that's the problem - you simply don't know. You have no idea if navigating the room is a walk in the park and the easiest money you'll ever make …or if it's something that will threaten your life, injure you, or frighten you.

Tumble. istockphoto/ArtyFree So what happens? You think about the size of the reward, and then you play that against the dangers that possibly await you. Is it a big enough reward for you to take a risk? Or since the unknown is frightening, do you waive your right to the reward by playing it safe?

Sometimes you and I resist change and a possible reward because we don't know what it will take to reach that reward. The familiar (staying in the well-lit room) is safe. We may not get the reward …but neither do we have to take any risks. No risks usually means no disasters based on experience (even though there could be a disaster waiting to enter the well lit room that your mind doesn't consider!!)

And so you get stuck. You want to lose weight, start a business, write a book or do any other number of things. But you become afraid to open that door and walk into the dark and unknown. We may not be happy where we're at, but at least familiarity is seemingly safe. …seemingly…

Turn the page for another common reason it's difficult to change.

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

Coffee cup photo appears under license with Stockexpert. Article photo appears under license with istockphoto/mandygodbehear.

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