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Kevin Hogan
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Getting Women to Say... "Yes!"

by Kevin Hogan

Page 3

The potent initial force you reckon with when influencing others is resistance.

People can become more or less resistant because of minor distractions and gifts.

People can also become more or less resistant to you because of the perceived conversations they will have in their mind with other people who are not present in the moment.

Specifically, when men hear that a group of leaders disagrees with their belief, men's resistance to the opposing majority stays strong.

Women learning that a group of leaders disagree with their belief causes their beliefs to moderate from strong resistance to not really caring one way or the other.

Get Them to Yes Perhaps this is because women are more likely to listen to the opinions of people perceived to be wiser than themselves. Perhaps it's because they cave in and men typically don't.

What matters is not your interpretation but the RESULT.

Here are the key points you take home today:

  1. With women, resistance is not likely to occur when the strong counter force is NOT related to the belief/emotion. Get those distractions ready!

  2. With men, resistance is likely when a deterrent directly challenges the belief/attitude. So you might want to think twice about making BIG arguments to men to see who is right or to try and convince him.

Better?: Frame your communication gently, off-handedly to men and save your most persuasive arguments for women.

KEY: With men, contrary to old ideas, where persuasion has been found to be stronger with stronger arguments, it now appears that stronger arguments will actually increase resistance/reactance, making persuasion more difficult.

Fewer/weaker might just be better with men.

Here's a bonus take home:

Research also reveals that even strongly held attitudes by men will shrink in the face of weaker arguments!!!

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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