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The Antidote for the Pain of Rejection

by Kevin Hogan

Page 4

Kevin Hogan on Parental Rejection Studies show that there is direct correlation between rejection from a parent or caregiver to a child and increased Rejection Sensitivity (RS) when that child becomes an adult.

Makes sense.

If your own parent rejects you, then WHO THE HELL WOULD LOVE YOU or accept you? least that's what goes on in the nonconscious part of the mind....

As a child, you learned to react when you felt the pain of rejection (even not getting what you needed or wanted right away was a type of rejection for you).

  • "Not now"…
  • "Don't bother me"…
  • "I said NO!"…
  • "Don't do that again"…

Acceptance and Early Human Survival


Long ago, people lived in communities in which they depended on each other for survival.

Together they would:

  • Hunt…
  • Gather food…
  • Raise Children…
  • Fight off danger…
  • Take care of each other's needs…
Together, they gained strength from day-to-day interaction and they became dependent on each other for their very survival.

Being INCLUDED, being ACCEPTED was necessary to survive...

...and that Genetic Code is still written inside of you and me today....

To be rejected from the group meant possible death - to be rejected by the community was to leave themselves open and vulnerable to every threat that could come to them.

Living without the protection that they had come to know and depend on would have been counter-intuitive of the basic human need of community that was within them as humans.

Today in many tribes around the world, rejection and ostracism is considered to be the most extreme forms of punishment.

The tribal interpretation of this type of punishment is feared because it means certain "social death" to the rejected.

Kevin Hogan on Success, Achievement and Wealth Factors Even in animals, those that are ostracized inevitably face an early death if they are cast out by their pack. Once rejected and cast out, they lack the resources to capture and secure their own food, and they no longer enjoy the protection of their group.

They are therefore prevented from forming bonds that provide social sustenance. They lag behind, become decimated, and eventually die through malnutrition or from being attacked by another animal.

Survival of the fittest says to be part of the group..."knowing" that if you aren't, you are finished....

We can clearly see that by our very design, NEEDING to fit in and NEEDING to be accepted by others is a primal response.

This explains why rejection, and even the fear of rejection, is so unnerving and painful to you.

Key Point: Acceptance is an absolute NECESSITY for our very survival and well being whether it is for our physical survival, or survival in our social standing.

How does rejection affect YOU physically and emotionally?

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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