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Hit Their Hot Button
Sales and Marketing Secrets

by Kevin Hogan

Page 7

Market to Real People (Because They Are...!)
These are REAL PEOPLE, with real feelings, real pain.

You either have ways you can be useful and helpful to this person, or you don’t.

No one else will tell you this because it’s much easier to see “a list” as a group of people who you “close” or whatever.

Screw that.

Do business with real people.

Kevin Hogan on Internet Marketing SuccessBecause you are doing business with REAL PEOPLE, just about everyone who does business with you, will at least read the first message you send to them and make up their minds about you based on that first e-mail. Knowing this, doesn’t it now seem obvious that your first email is the most important and that you should do everything in your power to make sure people have the right “picture” of you and your intentions in their heads so they don’t draw their own conclusions about you?

Letting people draw their own conclusions is almost never good.

Because they didn’t learn in school HOW to draw their own conclusions, all that happens is a gut reaction in people and that initial reaction is pretty random.

Don’t be random.

Be real.

Let people see that, know that, feel that, think that and then be DIFFERENT from your competition.

The BEST and FIRST place to be different is in WHO YOU ARE AS A PERSON.

Next time, we’ll pick up on six more cool strategies…

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Kevin Hogan
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