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Hit Their Hot Button
Sales and Marketing Secrets

by Kevin Hogan

Page 6

Have a Solid Persona
People will expect to see you similarly in your marketing as you are in person. Make sure you are comfortable with the persona you put into the public. Once it’s there…it’s there forever.

If you want your readers to respond to you in a positive way, you have to give them a solid reason to by giving them what they want before expecting to get what you want. This will become a lot clearer as you continue. Except in unusual cases, always keep in mind that people care about themselves… first.

People have nothing to base their opinions of you on other than the person/image you purposely or accidentally present for them to judge. As soon as you do the same things most of your competitors do, you get labeled as “one of them,” whether you are, or not.

Kevin Hogan on Internet Marketing SuccessBe selective about the company you keep.

Careful About Who You are Lumped in With
Think: “If people see me as ‘one of this group,’ am I OK with that perception?"

If not, you don’t hang out with that group.

The fact is, people should do this for every aspect of their life.

That’s why it’s so important to make your intentions crystal clear right from the start. Do something that your competition hasn’t thought of doing because they’re only thinking of themselves and what they want. Not what their readers/customers/clients need from them first.

KEYPOINT: Believe it or not, people can pick up on your intentions.

KEYPOINT: If they can’t (because you haven’t made your intentions clearly known) they’ll just guess at what your intentions are and for whatever reason, whenever someone has to guess at what your intentions are, they will almost never think of anything positive.

Fill in Your Own Gaps
FASCINATING FACT: Notice I’ve used the word "because" a few times in this article? If you remember The Psychology of Persuasion, I talk a bit about the word, "because". It’s a word that denotes the concept, "X causes Y".” Sentences with the word "because" in it are stated and typically perceived as FACTUAL.

Whenever you leave gaps in what you say, people will try to connect the dots on their own. That’s what the brain does. "Because" fills in the gaps between what you say and what you don’t say with the most logical (and most often the worst) explanation of what you mean. Use the word judiciously, because people will often judge you innocent or guilty and with good or bad intentions based upon how you use, "because".

Your intentions (more accurately, what others to believe your intentions to be) have the power to move them to do things for you they wouldn’t dream of doing for anyone else.

Are you just trying to quietly slip into people’s e-mail inbox or are you introducing yourself and clearly stating your intentions for being there so they can feel comfortable about letting you into their space?

Unfortunately, people have been conditioned not to expect much in the way of useful information and knowledge without paying for it, so clearly stating your intentions is an absolute must. If you don’t, people will automatically assume that you only write to them so you can send them advertising.


Too many people are teaching you to build your list without teaching you that “a list” is a collection of emails or addresses that are owned by real people with real kids, with an elderly parent at home, having an argument with the wife and a stressful day going on and on.

So, Who Should You Be Marketing To?

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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