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Hit Their Hot Button
Sales and Marketing Secrets

by Kevin Hogan

Page 2

The money is in ďthe List.Ē

Youíve probably heard that before right?

Well, semantics aside, thatís not exactly true. Not the whole truth anyway.

The biggest obstacle you face and have to overcome when you publish a newsletter, magazine or put any free or paid information out there is the fact that people have gotten used to getting junk (from your competitors) disguised as helpful free or paid information.

Each week we get people who email us telling us they are closing their old email account because of spam but they want us to change their address so they can keep getting Coffee.

They donít just close their accounts, they email their friends first.

Very little makes me feel better in the course of the day than getting these requests.

It means Iím doing something right.

People want to keep having Coffee with Kevin Hogan.

Thatís cool, and, itís something you can do, too.

"I Gotta Get Paid"
Kevin Hogan on Internet Marketing SuccessDISASTER ONE: Many people in business put out sub-standard information simply because theyíre writing from a mentality of ďI gotta get paidĒ; and when you do that, you completely forget about the people youíre writing to and start to concentrate on you and what you want.

Thatís a Titanic recipe for disaster.

KEYPOINT: Whenever you write anything for your readers, subscribers, website visitors and customers don't write with the sole intention of getting a check. Getting checks is nice but your business lives or dies based on how many people are certain you genuinely want to help them achieve their importance in their lives.

Sometimes I write with the intention of having you take an action that will cost you money. Typically this is an amazon promo where I ask you to go buy a book for $15, from amazon, so it helps build that book's life. It gives it a jumpstart and that is something I canít do by myself.

Aside from that, I rarely think about anything except sharing with people the latest research in a fun and interesting way, or perhaps getting people to see how they can really make a difference.

The mistake just about everyone makes is that without an effort from you to show your readers that you value them enough to part with real information and that you see them as more than just a dollar sign, youíre going to be lumped in a group with all the rest of your competitors. And that is a place you donít want to be.

Individuals in business often behave as if they are desperate to make a sale and just like in real life, itís obvious and that person will go broke. People donít want to do business with someone who is terrified they wonít have a check next month. They want to do business with someone who they are CERTAIN of.

To find out how responsive readers are born, turn the page...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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