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Success in Real Life

Mind Sets That Get You Where You Want To Be

By Kevin Hogan

Page 3

The Acquisition Mind Set

The new program title references a mind set that is more broad in scope than how I use the phrase in this article.

When you start a new venture that will ultimately generate success, even if it is based on a proven model (Subway, McDonald's, UPS Store, Selling via Google AdWords)the model is only as profitable as the number of potential customers/clients YOU bring into the equation.

So if you were the furnace guy and you were thinking, "I'm making $20 an hour and killing myself while the company makes $150 off my time."

That is a partially true statement, but there is a lot of information missing.

Yes, you do want that other $150...but it really isn't $150 "in your pocket." People without the Acquisition Mind Set literally don't understand this.

There is an acquisition cost that is here that few people consider.

You must become absolutely comfortable with the concept, the Mindset, of ACQUISITION.

You will either have to PAY to get customers (like google ad words) or pay the franchise fees for advertising with Subway or McDonalds...or you have to invest time doing SEO or networking your way ACQUISITION.

Again, very few people are aware of the concept of acquisition. And the Mind Set of Acquisition...being ready and able to put your effort into acquisition is just as important as having a "proven business model." Arguably much more valuable.

And this is where many people utterly "fail."

Acquisition dovetails with Influence because it requires capturing attention, influencing and then serving.

If the salesperson generates their own potential customers, then they have most of the Mindset(s) required for success.

A Financial Success Goal will require the overlapping Mindsets of Acquisition and Influence.

And it will require you to have, The Best Mindset.

The Best Mind Set

Be the Best to Have a Competitive Advantage The Best Mindset could mean you sell the product with the cheapest retail price. It could mean you sell the best made product. It could mean that you sell the product with the best resale value. There are others. You get the idea.

These are all known as Competitive Advantages. You'll need to have at least ONE for you/your product/service.

Quick review of the Mind Sets for Financial Success starting at $50,000 annually moving to $250,000:

The What and Why Mindset: You know what you want to DO and WHY, and it drives you forward like a jet engine.

The Effort Mindset: You experience this, if it makes sense to get paid BECAUSE you expend effort. You don't get paid to not work. On the other hand, you aren't there if you currently receive income for not working.

If you are currently paid for not working the probability you will succeed is dramatically reduced. Success will not happen without an Effort Mindset. You've worked some number of hours or accomplished some task and are paid to work, not paid to not work. If you currently get paid to not work, you'll soon recondition your mindset for success.

The Acquisition Mindset: You are comfortable acquiring potential customers/clients either through your effort or paying for advertising/acquisition or both.

The Influence Mindset: Among other things, you are there if you are comfortable generating revenue through your own effort and have the skills required to acquire. You find it normal to get paid ONLY when you have performed a service with a price tag on it. The Influencer doesn't expect to get paid because they take a holiday or a day off. That Mindset is experienced by non-revenue generating people who are less likely to succeed. The Influence Mindset encompasses EXCHANGING ENERGY or MASS.

The Best Mindset: Something about you/your product is the "best" in some way for the person you are doing business with. It's the cheapest, the coolest, the best looking, the best resale...something. When you recognize and would easily defend the fact that you/your product is the best in X and Y have the Best Mind Set.

Finally, for today, there is one more lens through which you absolutely MUST use...

The final piece of the puzzle...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
16526 W. 78th St. #138
Eden Prairie, MN 55346
(612) 616-0732

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