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Success in Real Life

MindSets That Get You Where You Want To Be

By Kevin Hogan

Page 2

The Revenue Generating Mind Set

The Revenue Generating Mind Set is something few people ever consider and without it, you simply can't succeed.

Right now...consider whether you actually generate revenue in your "day job", or whether you receive a salary for non-revenue generation.

Revenue Generators Make Great EntrepreneursIn other words, a salesperson, for example, generates revenue.

They are familiar with the concept. For them to reach the financial success goal is likely to be easier than for someone who is not familiar with generating revenue, because they are familiar being within at least one or two of the required Mind Sets.

Imagine someone is a police officer, a maintenance man, a manager in a corporation. These are all extremely important jobs that someone can have.

But the question at hand is reaching a financial success goal in real life.

Is your current Mind Set in Revenue Generation? If it is, you are ready to immediately move on. If not, imagine what it would be like to Generate Revenue in order to be compensated. That will become a required Mind Set.

The Influence Mind Set & The Effort Mind Set

With the exception, none of the people we mentioned above generate revenue. Revenue generation revolves around the single broad and deep Skill set of Influencing Others to exchange a product/service for some dollar figure.

The people we've mentioned above are all familiar with hard work. The Effort Mindset will not be a problem.

The Influence Mindset must be acquired to succeed just as The Effort Mindset that must be acquired to achieve.

You must be Competent and Capable of Achieving Your Goals As noted, in order to succeed (in general terms) revenue must be generated, and you have to see yourself as Competent and Capable (self efficacy) in generating income to take care of your Self.

[Author's note: I often use the phrase "your Self" in place of "yourself" to illustrate just how important your Self is!]

The manager, the maintenance man, the police officer all work hard but the revenue is generated elsewhere. There is literally no experience in thinking with the mindset of The Influencer.

However, the technician servicing the furnace, the plumber, the electrician...they are much closer to experiencing the required Mindsets. They are all familiar with receiving a check for the company they work for after performing a service for someone. (They influenced someone to pay to fix the furnace because it needed to be fixed. They influenced someone to pay to fix the toilet from overflowing any more because it was overflowing. This is what an Influencer does.)

They do it every day.
They understand the process.
It's as normal as driving a car.

This person is familiar with the process of generating revenue. They don't have this PARTICULAR Mindset shift coming.

But all the above individuals do have a truly significant Mindset Shift that will come quickly.

What is it?

What is the MindQuake?...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
16526 W. 78th St. #138
Eden Prairie, MN 55346
(612) 616-0732

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