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Breaking Through Your
Self Limiting Beliefs

by Kevin Hogan

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Kevin Hogan on Limiting Beliefs

Limitations: The Ceiling on Your Potential

Think of your limitations as a ceiling that hovers at a certain height over your head. The ceiling height is different for each of us, but all of our ceilings have one thing in common: they determine our potential. They determine "how high we can jump".

If our ceiling is built up high, we have great potential and can achieve much in our lives. If our ceiling is built down close to our heads, we will only achieve the bare minimum for comfortable survival (or even less).

Make sense?

Now, as we consider self-limiting beliefs, you have to ask yourself:

"Who crafted your ceiling?"
Why, you are of course! You set the height of your ceiling based upon the things others said to you, and the conclusions you drew about your capabilities.

Just like your other beliefs, the height of your ceiling is very flexible and is constantly on the move. When you first set a goal, you might be fired up and motivated to make it happen. At that point, your ceiling is soaring far above your head. As you begin to stumble on obstacles and lose your initial motivation, your ceiling begins to drop steadily.


When you give up because it seems too hard, your ceiling practically rests against the top of your head.

Is motivation the only way to raise your ceiling?

No, not at all!

Another great technique involves honestly assessing your true capabilities, and beginning to work on expanding them. If you're pretty good at something, work on becoming great at it.

If you think you're terrible at something, yet driven, keep doing it until you get better....or better yet, ask someone else to be involved in your project and do this part.

The fact is that working on strengths is rewarded in achievement.

Don't get me wrong. You need to be competent in a number of areas to succeed, but you don't need to be THE BEST in a lot of areas to succeed.

This is an ongoing process of honest assessment, small but consistent effort, and evaluation of progress. It's not rocket science, but it does require an attitude of determination and patience.

This process of expansion begins to take on a life of its own the longer you work at it. Before long you'll be scoffing at limiting thoughts and attempting things you never would have dared consider before.

Here are some additional ideas for raising your ceiling of potential:

a) Question your past "failures". Did you REALLY fail, or did you just give up too soon? Explore the lessons you learned from each "failure" and see if you can use the insights to form a better plan.

b) Be willing to pick up an old dream or hobby and start working on it again. Did someone convince you that your dream was stupid and not worth the effort? Did you really agree with them, or did you simply choose to believe without question?

Re-examine your dreams and aspirations. If any of them still stir your soul, follow where they might lead.

Kevin Hogan on Goal Setting: Keep Moving c) Set new goals and begin to expand your concept of what you're really capable of. Consistently strive to raise your ceiling by thinking and dreaming BIGGER. When you reach the place where you think you need to stop, take one more step. Just one; and that one step will often change everything, either internally or externally.

People have this incredible habit of lousy timing. They quit right before the next door was THE door.

d) Challenge the limitations that others have tried to place on you. Write out your reasons for knowing they were wrong and enter into a dialogue with them about it (even if the other person isn't there, you can do this process on your own). Try phrases like these:

"You have no idea what I'm capable of because _________."


"I know you're wrong about this because __________."

You won't be convincing others of anything, only yourself - which is the only person who counts in this scenario!

Again, this is a process, so don't lose heart if you don't see much progress right away. It's like building a snowman. The ball is small when you start rolling it. But then momentum kicks in and that ball gets big.

Keep questioning your limiting beliefs and keep expanding your perception of your potential. Every bit of effort you can put toward this activity will pay off later.

Keep limiting beliefs in check by...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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