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Breaking Through Your
Self Limiting Beliefs

by Kevin Hogan

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You begin to feel life has passed you by because you allowed self-limiting behaviors to take hold for long periods of time. You've worked in a Hamster Wheel for years. And then someone presents you with an "opportunity." Unfortunately the opportunity is outside of you.

People limit themselves in interesting ways.

Most people at least intuitively know that a Coffee Table Business is a solid choice to build a future but instead of starting their own business they go right back into someone elses world.

I'm approached regularly by people who want me to invest in companies drilling for oil, buy apartment complexes in Denver, to invest in their upcoming movie, to become an executive distributor in their new business opportunity.

None of these things are good ideas. None have anything to do with what I am seriously serious about in life

Most are destined for failure from the start.

You need to believe in YOU.

The worst part in investing in someone else's "sure thing" isn't the money down the tubes, you can replace that. What you can't replace is time...that you NEVER get back.

All you have to do when you initially evaluate a Coffee Table Business idea is think quickly about three things:

  • Time you will invest. (If it's too small, the project won't be profitable.)

  • Can you accomplish this outcome from your effort alone? (Relying on others is...iffy at best.)

  • What is the relative ease of connecting with plenty of people to whom you can be valuable.
Do an evaluation: Let's say you want to sell vitamins.

Someone wants to buy $40 (gulp) of vitamins per month from you. You get paid $10 (25% on the sale).

It takes you an hour to make the sale. (Believe it or not, about 1/10 of people will buy something inexpensive from you, just because you asked.)

You knocked on 20 doors to find 10 people at home to propose your offer, of which one lady was nice enough to say "yes."

20 doors. That's about an hour.

You earned $10 per hour.

That's not a disaster but it's not ideal.

Kevin Hogan on Limiting Beliefs and Success

Before you say "no" to this project, DO realize that if you have very loyal customers and re-orders happening while you build even more business, you in theory could be earning $20 per hour in two months. (10 for the new business plus all your renewals autoshipping.)

Now all of a sudden you have an interesting situation.

The money is terrible up front but if Vitamin X does something awesome and people are loyal to you, this could turn out to be a profitable venture after all.

But there is a drawback. 160 doors per day is 1000 doors per week. That's 50,000 doors per year. That is a decent sized city and you might not feel all that comfortable in certain parts of the city. Or maybe you will. Maybe this will be a blast.

With most business models like this, the further away from home you become the fewer sales you make. Door to door is a tough, though not impossible biz. Even though it is POSSIBLE you could do very well with outstanding customer loyalty, I'd still have you reconsider it.

The answer for this chance of a lifetime is probably a gentle -no-.

Evaluating a project is the first key to de-limiting your future.

YOU have enormous potential. To see it manifest requires time. That time needs to be invested in YOU and something you are passionate about and have been for quite some time. You have areas of excellence.

Doing the right projects for YOU is what makes YOUR life work.

It's what generates wealth and a full life.

After evaluation you have one significant problem that could still stop you cold. It has nothing to do with math.

Here's what holds everyone back....

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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