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Breaking Through Your
Self Limiting Beliefs

by Kevin Hogan

Have you ever found yourself holding back on something you really wanted to do?

That's a simple but painful self-limitation.

That's a simple but painful REJECTION of your Self!

Kevin Hogan on Goal Setting and Success

YOU (self) stop yourself from doing something you want to do (limit).

If you have ever found yourself committing to something big prior to seriously evaluating it. This too can limit your options for other alternatives, including THE ONE THING that might really work.

Knowing your true and real limitations can serve you in some REALLY IMPORTANT ways..... like reminding you that you don't have the ability to fly...not recognizing real limits can be a splatty affair on the sidewalk below.

Key point: There are real limitations that must be considered in life.

Similarly, imaginary limits can imprison you and me in other ways, by creating doubt and fear about our ability to create a better life.


Doubt is the very powerful double-edged sword. Without it, you will fail. With too much, you will fail.

"Short-term doubt," especially short-term doubt that happens early in the process of decision and action is very, very, very important.

In fact, if you DON'T DOUBT EARLY, you may very well be feeling overconfident which can bring about truly terrible results.

Uneducated people and all people who fail while trying to succeed at anything, will tell you to erase doubt. Get rid of it. "Eliminate doubt. Doubt is negative."

Doubt is not "negative". Doubt at the right moment reveals brilliance.

If more people doubted, then evaluated the doubt, then worked through whether or not "it" could be done, people would accomplish far more "miracles" and set aside those things that aren't going to happen.

Imagine someone says, "Hey Kev, write a book on how to persuade cats to be more helpful around the house." (Hey, it's a Monday, cut me some slack here....)

"Oh OK, I'll get right on that." Then six months later after searching the world over for stories of helpful cats in business and housekeeping, I find out that this is an ill conceived project....on top of having no market.

If I would have doubted that, it would have saved me five months and 29 days.

If you burn up too much life on projects because of misplaced "positive thinking", you'll go bankrupt having missed life entirely.

While we're here on missed stuff...

Do you ever feel that you've missed out on life? It's passed you by?

Today you find out how to push the envelope of possibility.

Breaking through Self Limiting Beliefs is going to change that...right now.

Breaking Through

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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