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Confront Your Fears and
Take Control of Your Life

by Kevin Hogan

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KEY POINT: Make the DECISION to BE CERTAIN instead of doubting your capability.

As soon as you have trained to brilliance, you shift from trying to be the best, to knowing you will be the best. It is a paradox that the elite must experience. You must both be certain you are the best while knowing you can be beaten if you aren't your best. Facing Your Fears: Having Confidence

Excellence requires ongoing improvement.

This is a decision you will need to make moment-to-moment, and not just once. Every time you feel destructive doubt creeping in, replace it with your own chosen certainty of engagement and completion.

You must construct certainty from evidence that you can indeed do IT.

  • I doubt I can do this effectively. becomes, I WILL do this effectively, now. (Then act on it.)

  • I doubt it will turn out right. becomes, This turns out (And DO IT)

  • I doubt I have what it takes to succeed. becomes, I develop any quality I need to succeed, right now. (And make it HAPPEN)

Trusting yourself is a direct cause of every successful person's achievement.

The ONLY WAY you can TRUST YOURSELF is to fulfill on your determination every single time.

You may not really believe you can achieve, but if you persist each and every time in first constructing evidence and second choosing to believe your desired outcome, you will eventually WIN because you WILL complete and accomplish EACH and EVERY TIME.

THIS is what causes you to trust your Self. And once you do others will see you fulfill every single time.

It begins with 1 choice.

Destructive Doubt can be sneaky, and it often masquerades as disinterest, bitterness, distrust, or resistance.

Sometimes you have to take on the role of detective to figure out whats really going on inside of you. With a little scrutiny and a lot of brutal honesty, youll see things more clearly. If you struggle to find a connection, try writing the answers to these questions:

  • I am disinterested in __________ because I doubt that __________.

  • I feel bitter about ___________ because I doubt that ___________.

  • Im distrustful of ___________ because I doubt that __________.

  • Im resistant to ____________ because I doubt that __________.

Do surgery on your doubts. Challenge the underlying presuppositions, just as you did with your fears.

Ultimately, your BEHAVIORS will cause your mind to believe what your body is doing.

So regardless of whether you immediately "believe in your Self," be absolutely certain to ACCOMPLISH each and every time you say you will do something.

You will likely discover that your destructive doubts are based on disappointing past experiences or hurtful things said by others in your life.

You DO have the option to disregard destructive doubt completely.

Examination of any doubt (or fear) is a valuable tool because the individual components that make up the sum are less frightening than the sum itself.

  • Looking at your destructive doubts is as simple as completing this statement: I am doubtful about ________ because ________.

Once the underlying causes are known, you can deal with them one at a time by altering erroneous beliefs, facing fears and expanding limiting beliefs.

If all else fails and you cant eliminate or even examine your destructive doubt, the only thing left to do is IGNORE the doubt and DO THE PROJECT/TASK/JOB.

...I usually skip EVERYTHING and move to this stage.

Make a promise to your Self that youre going to give it your absolute best, no matter what. You will ALWAYS COMPLETE. Even if it seems to be a waste of time, even if there seems to be no way to create a favorable outcome, and even if the going gets rough - you will still try. It takes courage and determination to do this. Dont fool yourself into thinking otherwise.

What is the process of moving through fear?

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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