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Shrink Specific Fears and
Take Back Control of Your Life

by Kevin Hogan

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Learn to use your fears as a valuable tool for awareness. There is one benefit that fear might signal. It might be telling you what you are currently missing out on in life.

Facing Your Fears: Walk Through the Fire for Success Any fear (other than those that are triggering protection for your very survival) can highlight how the nonconscious part of your brain is slowing you down.

Where fear lives, so do life limitations. Learn to use this knowledge to your advantage. Follow your fears directly to the roots of your current limitations, and begin work on eliminating them.

Fear WILL cause you to self sabotage your life if you don’t walk through the fire now.

Taking Destructive Doubt...Out

Intentionally timed doubt is extremely important to your life long success.

All successful performers doubt themselves at the right moment. That moment is not at the time of performance however.

The Elite enlist doubt soon after the performance is over. They've returned to the practice facility to learn new skills, upgrade their performance and they eventually place the doubt aside, now more certain than ever that they can do better than they did today, particularly if they won

. Doubt in this context, pushes you to be better. But, like fear, doubt often has a lousy timing device attached to it.

Valuable doubt directs you to the course to be win. It rarely suggests that you quit.

Destructive Irrational Doubt is sometimes closely related to fear. In fact, fear can cause destructive doubt, and destructive doubt can cause irrational fear.

They can co-exist together and make your life unbearable.

Worse, destructive doubt is the Dream Destroyer. It’s the Anti-Hope. It causes you to abandon your dreams before you even know for sure if they’re possible or not. You simply decide they are NOT possible and drop them. Destructive Doubt can cause you to hang back when you’d rather be moving forward.

At their core, destructive doubts are simply another form of life limitations. If you seriously doubt your ability to do something, you won’t do it.

If you don't think you can do something, say write a book or speak before an audience, I promise you that you can. There is a big difference between something that is difficult and something that is almost impossible.

What happens when you don't believe you are CAPABLE? You won’t even make the attempt.

Why would you?

If you doubt the availability of opportunities in life, you will resign yourself to what you already have. If you doubt the goodness of other people, you will resist any help offered to you.

In order to push the envelope, you need to take destructive doubt right out of the equation. You do this by embracing the opposite of destructive doubt, and that is CERTAINTY.

Certainty is not arrogant. It is not overconfident. (Even being overconfident has a time and a place believe it or not!)

Knowing you are CAPABLE is a knowledge that if it can be done, you are the person for the task.

Certainty stems from capability. Certainty is knowing you can or will accomplish X after evaluating the situation.

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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