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Propaganda...Recognize It, Protect Yourself...Use It for Good

By Kevin Hogan and Allen Loren

Copyright 2010
[I was talking with Propaganda Expert, Allen Loren about the new Influence: Boot Camp 2011, and I asked Allen to help me put together a very cool and timely series of articles about propaganda for you.]

I submit for your consideration, propaganda is neither good nor evil...but it is pure power in how it captivates the imagination and mind...and it's something you want to understand in depth. Why?

It will make you a more effective influencer and, more importantly, an ethical influencer.

“Well... you... you.. just hold on there a minute!”… is what you may be thinking. “I hear the word propaganda and know it is some nefarious evil nondescript thing that will convince me to do something by some miracle power of mind control I am helpless to fight... And it is used only by those that are out to grab power for themselves... Like Hitler was.. or some of today's [un-named] politicians, in and out of office.”

Please answer these questions...

Do you produce, sell or market a product, goods or services?

Do you advertise or market your product?

Think for a minute before answering this one...

Propaganda and hidden persuasion with Kevin HoganHave you ever tried to convince someone to do something you wanted them to do using a derivative of any of these purported reasons...

a) "Everyone is doing it!"

b) "Don't listen to him... he's an idiot."

c) "I read that Dr. So-and-So said..."

d) "It's the right thing to do..."

e) "Here are the 10 reasons you should do it, and the one reason not to" (even though there are perhaps 10 reasons not to do what you ask.)

f) "Oh, you'll like my new [boyfriend/girlfriend] he/she goes to the same [religious institution] as we do."

g) "I worked really hard on this. When I first started I didn't know what to do. And then.... so that brought me to the point I am at now."

h) "Bailout Package"

i) "Stimulus Plan"

j) "Quantitative Easing"

k) "Health Care Reform"

Every single one of those reasons or phrases (accurate or not) is a "home run" propaganda tactic! For the sake of propaganda students, we’ll talk about tactics as they were described by the now defunct Institute for Propaganda Analysis formed in 1937 in the USA. The IPA served an important role in highlighting the use of propaganda by the Axis in WWII.

The Institute for Propaganda Analysis detailed the SEVEN uniform Propaganda Tactics/Devices for the public to be able to see through nonsense.

If you can learn how to spot them, that really is the first half of “interacting with propaganda.” The second half, is about you... ask questions to prove what they say is either true or false. (Some appropriate questions coming up.)

But first...

How did Propaganda "begin?" Then...immediately on to the Seven Tactics...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
16526 W. 78th St. #138
Eden Prairie, MN 55346
(612) 616-0732

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