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Promotion Guidelines

Does Your Promo Fit?

Every day we get a request to promote a book or product in Coffee with Kevin Hogan. Now you can read our complete "policy" on the decision making process so everyone; authors, friends, readers understand WHY we would promote something/someone, and WHO stands to benefit.

Your Questions as Readers:

  1. How do I know the book/product is a good product if you didn't write it?
  2. How often are you going to promote someone else's work?
  3. What kind of agreements do you make with other authors?
  4. Do you get paid on sales, etc.?
  5. Tell me a secret about this stuff that I want to know?
Your Questions as Authors/Producers/JV:

  1. We want you to be involved (we want you to mail for us: to your readers).
  2. What do we need to do to work with you?
  3. Will you use our sales letter?
  4. Will you send out three emails the week of our promo?
  5. Will you send it out on Wednesday?
  6. What kind of advance notice do you need?
  7. Will you promote my ebook?
  8. Can you give us new bonuses?
ANSWERS FOR READERS About Special Promotions:

  1. Product/Book/Seminar Quality:
    I will only promote books I've read. But STOP most books stink. So you don't know if I love the book. However there is a "tell" in Coffee if I don't like it! If I think the book sucks, I won't say it is a good book in Coffee. So, it's very possible I might promote a book and the book isn't impressive. Why? If the bonus package is REALLY good and it's not filled with "backend selling." The million dollar bonus packages made me ill. BUT there are a lot of good projects where the book is weak and the bonus package is truly worth hundreds of dollars. (i.e. the authors book was superfluous) When I promo'ed Science of Influence a few years ago, we had an awesome bonus package. The book (which I think is pretty good!) didn't have to be in the package to make it worth $13.87 plus postage.

    That's books. Products. ANYTHING other than a book. If it isn't AWESOME I won't sell it. There is no gray area here. If something costs more than $25 it IS something I WANT you to spend your money on. If you see a product in Coffee, it is prescreened for VALUE. That means it is WORTH it. It doesn't mean it's pretty or well designed. It means it's awesome value, and then you'll see it in the store at

    Seminars: I don't like to promote other people's seminars/events. Why? Because a LOT can go wrong and cause major disappointment for my readers. I'm a control freak. I've seen video of all the big names and most of the big names are very average and frankly they aren't worth the investment. I've promoted ONE event that was not a Kevin Hogan produced event, and that is the one I'm doing in L.A. w/ Jay Abraham, Brad Antin, Bill Harris, Chet Holmes, and JC Levinson. The batting order speaks for itself. Half of us could be sick and it wouldn't matter. The event would be awesome!

  2. How often do you promote someone else's work?
    Not too darn often because it costs me $7,000+ when I do. Regardless of the cost of the book/product/event, just by having it in Coffee, it costs me $7000+ to run it. How is that calculated? Simple: The volume of business we do because of Coffee with a promotion for someone else vs. the volume of business we do without promoting someone else.

    So, how stupid am I? I had a learning curve here. I finally did the math. If I'm going to promote anything that isn't a Kevin Hogan product it has to MEAN A LOT TO ME in some way.

  3. What kind of agreements do you make with other authors/producers?
    They will have to reciprocate to the tune of $7000 of value at some point or they won't get in Coffee again. I can give you a list of 10+ authors who promised to help promote books for me that didn't, AFTER I had promoted their work. That's essentially theft, bad biz and a way to lose a friend. My temptation to publish said list is very big....

    Typically there is no big agreement.

    I need to be assured that people know that Coffee readers aren't to be inundated with email blitzes and spam. I need to know that they aren't getting into a high pressure plan for big sales at the end of the day. I don't care if something is offered, but it's got to be very fair and reasonable or that author will have lost a friend.

  4. Do you get paid on sales?
    Most of the time on books. On products, ALWAYS. On books, I won't promote any more book promos if the person can't go through my affiliate link at or This is VERY important to us here. We want to know just how valuable we/you are to SOMEONE else. I can tell you that of all the people I have worked with ONLY Jeffrey Gitomer's readers produce more sales for people than Coffee readers.

    Having a Coffee reader go through my affiliate link is not compensation. That will be a couple hundred dollars of income. But we need to know how valuable we are. Period.

  5. A secret about book promotions for other authors?
    I love to see authors I love get to #1. It makes me feel good to know we bumped them up to top 10 or whatever.

    There's really no secrets. I love the product and want you to have it. Either the complete package and/or book is awesome and worth much more than the price.

    If I say the book is good or great in Coffee, you can KNOW that it is. If I don't comment you can know that I don't like the book but I love the package.

    I give precedence to people in the Inner Circle over The Professional Speaker Course and the How to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book Course. And I give them precedence over everyone else in the world. I am eternally loyal to people in reciprocal relationships.

ANSWERS for the Author, Product Creator, Event Leader

  1. You want to have your stuff in Coffee.
    Wonderful. It's a good way to build relationships and I'm open. Email me the book, or ship me the product, or send me a video of the last event you did. If I like it A LOT, I'll be happy to work something out.

  2. What do you need to do to work with Kevin Hogan?
    b) If the book is so/so, the bonus package better rock and not have high cost, high pressure back end. NO exceptions.
    c) On book promos you MUST have ALL book buyers that go to amazon send a RECEIPT to you. Your buyers MUST go to amazon or to buy your book or I will not participate. If the buyer must go to your site to buy the book, I will not participate.
    d) If you can't meet criteria c, your cost to buy the promotional space is $7000.
    e) I will not participate in ANY promotion with an event that is based on a website where the book buyer has to type in a code/password for ANY reason.. Never again. The sale is for the BOOK. I don't want people presented with junk to buy before they buy the book. No exceptions.
    f) You guarantee that when we run our next book promo, that YOU will promptly send our promotion to your ENTIRE list. If you don't, say goodbye for good.
    g) That our bonus appears FIRST or SECOND in your bonus list copy at your website AND in ALL of your participating author promotions. No exceptions ever. We KNOW the value of Coffee to you, you NEED to present us to your readership in a powerful light. We will ALWAYS have the BEST bonus of any of your other sponsors.

  3. Will I (Kevin) use your salesletter?
    No. Coffee readers can't be hyped and don't believe I would say half of what you write. BUT, we do want the entire bonus list BEFORE you appear in Coffee.

  4. Will you (Kevin) send out 3 emails promoting the book?
    I will send out ZERO emails promoting the book.
    Coffee with Kevin Hogan is weekly Sunday night/Monday morning. We don't do spam here. I have a RELATIONSHIP with my readers. Your book will appear in Coffee.

  5. Will you send it out on Wednesday?
    Your book will be promoted AFTER your website has gone live with your promotion. Coffee is released at 9 PM central time on Sunday night 45 weeks per year. If you aren't live Sunday night, it will run the following Sunday night.

  6. What kind of advance notice do you need?
    Typically 6 weeks in the summer and for December. 8 weeks in all other months.

  7. Will you promote my ebook?
    Probably not. But ask. If it's something unique and my readers need to have it, maybe..

  8. Can you give us new bonuses?
    Maybe. If we come to an agreement we can discuss it.

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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