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Persuasion Mastery

An Interview with Roberto Monaco

Page 5

Roberto ...Hereís something that I learned from you, Kevin, from all the research done that pain is more powerful than pleasure.

4. Induce the pain. I heard you say a couple times that for every unit of pain you need four units of pleasure. Is that the correct statistics?

Kevin ... In most things itís 2 Ĺ but when youíre talking from the stage or in a sales presentation, it would be closer to 1:4.

Kevin Hogan and Roberto Monaco on Mastering Influence Roberto ... Now I talk about the problem and induce the pain; meaning I want to make sure I really agitate this pain, we want to make sure itís relevant to them. Remember, step number three I introduce the problem, now people think, like Kevin said, to them now Iím going to make it really personal.

I use something that I learned from Kevin, talk about the law of time, from the book The Psychology of Persuasion, when you change time perspective people make different decisions.

What I do, I ask questions here on past, present, and future. Iím changing time perspective here. So letís say describe the problem and most people have fear of public speaking. Have you ever been in a situation when you had a presentation before and you didnít do it because youíre afraid? Have you lost money the last two or three years? How about today, if today you would show up to have an opportunity to speak how you would feel? Whatís going to happen two years from today if you still being reluctant to present or recording videos, whatís going to happen? Quickly I just put the past, present, and future.

5. Release the pain. What most people have a problem because they talk about the problem not the solution. Unconsciously, when you put people in painful states theyíre internally feeling the pain; you donít want to talk about the solution right away otherwise your product service links to their pain. I always like to release the pain and the way I release the pain is by increasing my volume, breaking the state, asking a question, controlling their focus, changing my tonality. I do something to release the emotional state they are in.

6. Future pacing and the law of hope, meaning not only I release the emotional state but I want to create advertising. Itís almost like a beer commercial, beautiful girl, beautiful girl, beer; beautiful girl, beautiful girl, sports car. Conditioning, right. Here I want to take them from a normal state to like a very positive state and I can do that by telling a story, by asking a question, by giving a metaphor, by creating a compelling future for them.

When they feel they have this mindset life is going to be good, I can see myself doing it then, only then I go to step number seven.

7. Anchor to the solution. That is exactly what I do. Then you talk about a product. How long am I going to be talking about a product? Depends on how long you have to present. You can give your whole system here, you can give pieces of your system here, thatís step number seven. The way I like to talk about what it is, I give the future, the benefits, what it does and then I link to their values or their buying criteria.

8. Prove it using product stories. Product stories they are not case studies, product stories are stories of your clients that were in a situation like your audience is right now, theyíre struggling with whatever challenge that they have and now they use your service or your product and now theyíre being successful. You want to have your real; itís got to be real though. Donít lie, never lie, real product story. If you donít have one then youíre going to borrow someone elseís product story. If youíre really good youíre going to figure out the major projections to your audience have and youíre going to include in your story because youíre going to prove it. Iím going to prove to you a guy like you, a girl like you just did it, and you can do that also.

9. I go into pre-closing where I sum up the key learningís of the presentation, I overcome any objection if I havenít done so, and then I give my final offer. Hereís my offer, hereís what I want you to do.

10. Call to action that I do is very specific direction. Then I leave them the high note for the law of recency, because remember the last thing and I do another call to action.

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
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