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Persuasion Mastery

An Interview with Roberto Monaco

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Roberto ... At Influence: Boot Camp, Iím going to give you a formula that has 10 steps. Today I want to give you a summary. When we do Boot Camp I'll open all of the doors.

One video I want your readers to know about is called conversion video. Conversion video is a longer video that could be a 7- 20 minutes that youíre going to sell yourself, sell a product, and sell a service. You really want them to take action to buy the product, download this, but my email is a conversion video. Then you have the wellness video to build up your brand. Then you have a teaching video thatís just going to teach a skill.

10 Steps to Mastering Persuasion Presentations This formula that Iím about to reveal to you is either to do a conversion video, a webinar, teleconference call when youíre just you speaking, or youíre doing a live 45 minute or 90 minute presentation, when you go in a live crowd.

When I do keynotes and Iím selling from stage I use this. When I do conversion videos Iím using this. When Iím doing webinars Iím using this.

That 10 step process:

1. Youíre always going to have a good opening. You want to have a good opening in the presentation because something that I learned from Kevin; Iím going to quote you here a lot, Kevin, The Law of Primacy I learned from Kevin and The Law of Recency. People remember what comes first so your opening has to be unique for several reasons:

  • When you start speaking, people are thinking about something else, theyíre not thinking about you so youíve got to stop and break their thinking pattern and make focus on you.

  • If you have a weak opening, your weak opening is going to frame your content that comes after. If you have a great opening, the great or strong opening is going to frame the content. Thatís why you want to have a strong opening.

There are 10 to 13 different ways to start a presentation. I love to talk about stories, quotes, questions, and statistics. Opening is the first thing you say when you record a video or are doing a webinar or are speaking. You want to make sure you think about your opening. When Iím doing live presentations, people introduce me I do straight into a story. I remember at your 2006 Influence: Boot Camp, when you start boot camp you donít say Ďhií. You were talking to a guy and then start telling stories I didnít understand why youíre doing. Now I get it because youíre activating the curiosity drive. There are reasons why youíre telling a story in the opening.

2. Pre-framing. That is one area that most people are terrible. Pre-framing, what happens in between your opening and the body or the content of a presentation. What is preframing?

Pre-framing, if youíre in a room or in your office see if you have a picture on the wall, thereís got to be a picture on your wall. What happens if you change the frame around it and you put a pink frame? Put the pink frame around the picture. Itís the same content but itís going to change the meaning of the overall picture. Correct, because it changed the frame. Most people donít know how to frame their presentation correctly. I identify eight different types of frames that you do in a presentation. I donít have time; Iím going to give you three, the most important ones.

  • The big why pre-frame. The big why pre-frame are the reasons your audience must listen to you and it falls into the law of readiness from psychology. You want to make your audience ready to learn the material. The law of readiness.

    You open up a presentation and the reason the information is important to you is because and then go straight in to the reasons why itís important for them, why they really must pay attention to you, you want to give the reasons right away.

  • Content pre-frame. Content pre-frame is increase the relevancy of the information. Letís say for those single guys and girls out there and you say look I have a friend to introduce you to. How is she? Oh so nice. You ask if she is hot or not, right. Most people say is she hot, is he hot. Pre-framing is the content. So you want to make sure content pre-frame could be a quick phrase like; today Iím going to share with you the structure that has caused me to sell millions and millions of dollars in services in seminars. I just pre-framed the content preframe. Instead of saying Iím going to share a presentation structure.

  • Personal story. You open the presentation then you pre-frame it, bit it a big why pre-frame the reasons, the content pre-frame, you increase the relevancy or the importance of your content and you tell a personal story. Iím not going to talk about personal story here because thatís a whole two hours.
3. Define the problem. I want you guys to write down a pyramid in reverse. When you talk about the problem you want to talk about a global problem, you want to use market data.

For example when youíre speaking use 75% in America experience speech anxiety. Public speaking is the number one, number two fear in America. I use market data to define the problem. Then elegantly from my narrative I want to bring the problem all the way down to them so that I create me too frames.

People say, "Me too, I have a fear, me too." On the top of the pyramid you put the global problem on the bottom you put personal problem. You want to make sure you Ė I saw a presentation define the problem, but I must think that they have the problem Iím describing through market data first.

Kevin ... It creates that extra thing that people know that theyíre not alone.

Roberto ... Thatís good, good distinction.

Drawing them in...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
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