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Persuasion Mastery

An Interview with Roberto Monaco

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Mastering Persuasion Skills Kevin ... The Internet marketers who are the most successful are the ones who have a good presence in front of the camera, the people who can really connect with the listener, for sure, that’s absolutely true. Anybody who says otherwise doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Let’s get some massive notes here now for people. Why is it that some people are really effective and some people are not? What is the difference between an effective influencer, an effective presenter and not? Where do we see the distinctions, what are the keys?

Roberto ... Write this down. Every time I say write this down this is from Kevin Hogan, he said write this down because it's worth at least $10,000 to you, if you use this. Write this down. In influence group there are four pillars you have to master:

a) Psychology, we’ll be talking about that.
b) Structure, we’re going to spend the most of the call here,
c) Influence; and
d) Delivery. I won’t spend too much time on delivery here, but we’ll spend time in structure a lot, and influence psychology.
Psychology is what causes you to be confident, to have presentation consistency and to be effective. On this call right now some of you who are doing presentations a lot, some of you are doing sometimes and some of you are not doing at all. Ask yourself why, for those who are not doing consistently or not doing at all, why? Usually it comes down to what I call the FUNDA, Fear, Uncertainty, Nervousness, Doubt, and Anxiety. You have to deal with that.

Kevin ... Everyone (reading this) write that down.

Roberto ... FUNDA. Fear, Uncertainty, Nervousness, Doubt, and Anxiety. This is what stops most people. When it comes to psychology there are two aspects; what stops people and some people they’re not afraid but they have the wrong beliefs about influencing groups, I’ll be talking about that.

For some of you right now who have a little challenge, "Roberto, I feel a little uncomfortable speaking to groups or recording a video. People say I don’t look good on camera." Have you heard that before, Kevin? They say I don’t look good on camera. When you go to 7-11 that’s how you look. When you go to Target, that’s how we look. You’re just not used to seeing yourself, but that’s how people see you.

I want to spend a lot of time here giving your readers an influential structure. I want to talk about three things, to make sure your psychology is strong. Write this down.

  1. Purpose. Great book, Drive. Pink talks about the three levels or phases of motivation. Motivation 1.0 was about survival, caveman. Motivation either you kill to eat or you die.

    Motivation 2.0 that’s the motivation that you grew up with. Profit, maximization, that’s the reasons coping is alive to make money.

    Motivation 3.0 is called purpose maximization. If you’re clear about your purpose, why you want to do it, why you want to speak, why you want to help people, why you want to impact the community, your purpose will be bigger than your fear. Your purpose will allow you to take action consistently. If you’re not taking action consistently when it comes to presentation, go back and look at your purpose.

  2. Beliefs. Beliefs are basically an emotional validation of our thought process. They’re not thoughts we have thoughts all the time and some things to believe to be true you validate them emotionally yes or no and you act upon it becomes a belief. There are several beliefs that allow you to be successful. I want to give you one that’s very simple. People want you to be very successful when you present. Right now some of you are in New York, some of you are in Colorado, some of you are in California, it’s late in the evening and you took the time to hear us out here, right?

    That means you don’t want me and Kevin to do anything but give you the very best.

  3. Here’s a strategy that will help the listener overcome fear, uncertainty, nervousness, doubt, and anxiety in speaking. Write this down. This is really powerful stuff.

Everybody right now is at point ‘a’.

"What do you mean, Roberto, point ‘a’?" They are making ‘x’ amount of money, their health is one way, relationships are one way, their amount of free time they have to experience is one way. Everybody is in their own point ‘a’ right now.

Everybody wants to go to point ‘b’.

Everybody in this call wants to make more money, everybody in this calls wants to be healthy, everybody on this call here wants to be happier, everybody on this call wants to spend more time with the family, everybody (reading this) wants to have more freedom, experience more freedom, everybody.

The challenge that when we present, most of us put the spotlight on us, how do I look, how do I sound. As long as you put the spotlight with focus on ourselves we experience fear, uncertain doubt. All we have to do is understand that your audience, whoever your audience is, they are in point ‘a’ and they want to go to point ‘b’ and all we have to do is communicate in a manner that everything you do is to move them from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’ and put the focus on them. Ultimately any presentation you do has nothing, nothing to do about you. Once people get it some people really experience breakthrough.

Let me give you an example, Kevin. We were working with a financial planner, very, very successful financial planner. She had more than 600 doctors working with her and she came to a point in her career that she said "Roberto doing the one-on-one appointments takes too long, too much time. I want to speak and do seminars for doctors but I have this huge fear of public speaking. I’m very successful at one-on-one." And we worked with her and now she does around 30 talks across America. She is speaking for American Medical Association, she’s a superstar. Now she made a new neuro connection I had that every time presents is about the doctors, moving them from point ‘a’ where they are, to point ‘b’ as a better practice. That’s how a couple strategists overcome this fear, uncertainty, doubt, and anxiety. I’m curious to know how you, being psychology, a doctor and you have a lot of clinical work before you become a speaker, a trainer. How do you help people overcome this fear of public speaking? I’m really curious to know how you do it.

Overcoming Your Fear...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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