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Persuasion Mastery

An Interview with Roberto Monaco

Not long ago, I had a conversation with Roberto Monaco of about how you can master persuasive strategies.

Kevin Hogan and Roberto Monaco on Mastering PersuasionThat discussion has been edited and I've removed a great deal of the material that has appeared in my programs over the years. My outcome in this series of articles is for you to learn more about what Roberto Monaco has for you.

We'll be bringing Roberto back to Las Vegas for Influence Boot Camp: The 10th Anniversary in March.

The beginning of the discussion has been placed at the END of the article this week. It introduces Roberto in depth. Do read it, but get to it after you have digested some of this amazing material that's here just for you.

Roberto is from Brazil and the transcript reflects that!

Roberto and his partner, Jeff Paro, specialize in one-to-many influence and that's what we talk about today...

Kevin ... Anybody can talk in front of a camera, but it takes a lot to be influential on video. Talk about just what is one-to-many communication and why do you think that every business has to be doing this now.

Roberto ... We define one-to-many communication as every time you speak to influence groups of people.

Roberto Monaco on One to Many Persuasion Online through webinars, conference calls, podcasts, or offline; sales meeting, keynotes, trainings. Online, when you record a video and you want to influence.

By the way, Iíll be talking about the three types of videos, everybody on this call must learn how to do, later on. Basically when you record presentations or you do presentations live or on a webinar like, theyíre called e-presentations like the one youíre doing right now, or webinars or videos. I actually counted 18 reasons why becoming a master presenter is your best investment, but I just want to limit it to five here, real quick.

1. As you present, you position yourself as an expert, you go into educational marketing. I donít care if an accountant, financial planner, lawyer, if youíre educating your clients, providing value to them, you position yourself as an expert

2. Presentation with technology today is leverage, its pure leverage. So many times you are saying the same thing over and over and over to your clients, why not record it once and then you can send it to them. You can record one video and it can be selling while youíre sleeping.

3. Positive impact. We have a fundamental belief here at InfluenceOlogy, that everything we do must be win, win, win. If itís not, win, win, win, we donít do it. You never see us helping companies who sell cigarettes because maybe itís a win for us, itís a win for them, but itís not a win for the community. Influence, for us, we at InfluenceOlogy we have to win, our clients have to win, and community has to win. Ultimately itís about positive impact.

4. Of course, people on this call, I believe the primary reason is to make money as youíre in front of groups. Think with me, if you can sell one person, you limit yourself because there are so many one appointments you can do. The last two days I spoke in front of 300 people, think about it. Thereís a lot of power and the more leads you have, of course, if a conversion is good, can make more money.

Design Your Personal Growth 5. Personal Growth. Every single time you present, you push yourself to learn more, to present better and to influence more people so you create, win, win, win scenarios. That's how we define it and thatís why I believe itís the best investment, influencing groups of people.

Kevin ... Itís pretty hard to find anything that could be more valuable that to be able to stand up in front of a group of people or get on the telephone or to be able to be in front of a group and to be able to influence. If you could pick any skill to develop, thereís nothing that I can think of that would be more valuable.

Roberto ... Everything that you teach, I am a Kevin Hogan maniac, you can apply. When I share our 10 step presentation, itís going to blow you away, youíll see how many of Kevin's laws of influence that I put in a system here. It is the most important thing that you can do.

The 4 Pillars of Influence...

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Kevin Hogan
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