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The Persuasion Masters:
The Million Dollar Conversation

An Interview with Roberto Monaco (Part 2)

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We were doing an event here in San Diego, my business partner (Jeff Paro) and I, it was a Wednesday, we had a two day event. On Wednesday we were having a meeting and the phone rang and the guy said my name is Jim Aoki and Iím the founder [inaudible].com. By the way, absolutely love Jim, phenomenal guy, outstanding guy.

Storytelling and SellingHe said have this company, we are the largest training for photographers online, they have 50,000 plus photographers, our business is rocking, awesome. My passion is to be a speaker and I was referred by one of your clients; Garrett Gunderson, who is a New York Times Best Seller Author, Iíve been coaching Garrett for many years, a powerful speaker. He said, Garret told me to call you. He said, what do you do?

I said we have events, we have coaching. He said, whenís your next event? It was Friday, literally Friday. He called me on Wednesday and our event was Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I said why donít you come down Friday Iím having an event this weekend. He said, I live in Seattle, Iím calling you from Carmel, my vacation right now with my wife and two kids, thereís no way I can go to San Diego this weekend.

Thatís an objection, thereís no time. My mind went, you know what Iím not going to say anything but then I said something, Kevin, I said look I understand that you are having fun with your family there but people always find the times theyíre committed to. Maybe youíre committed to spend time with your family, I respect that, I really respect that. Being with your family right now is more important because youíre on vacation. Itís not about the time; itís about the commitment to do whatís most important to you.

Then he said this, well you know I understand, I think Iím going to do Toastmasters. Iíve done Toastmasters and just between Toastmasters and us thereís nothing, itís totally different. I told him, because I knew he was a photographer, I said the difference between InfluenceOlogy and Toastmasters is the difference between a Polaroid Camera and the best camera on the marketplace. He said, like a Nikon D3000? I said, yes. He said, okay Iíll give you a call tomorrow. The guy calls me tomorrow and said I have good news and bad news. The bad news is I was trying to influence my wife and kids to leave Carmel to go to San Diego and to go to this and theyíre not coming they want to stay in Carmel. The good new, Iím coming. He came to the event and then coaching and now heís speaking.

Let me pause here. Thatís my product story. I do that and I tell this on and on and on. Everybody here has to have product stories in your portfolio because when youíre speaking, when youíre recording videos, when youíre doing webinars, live talks, you know some people will have objections, they will have them. Most objections are beliefs that; theyíre not real; theyíre not conditions, objections. You have to tell a story with emotion to address that.

Kevin ... That is so good. Thank you very much. Youíre going to integrate this in to what youíre going to do at Influence: Boot Camp 10th Anniversary next year, right?

Roberto ... Yes and I want to tell your Coffee Readers something that I also learned. I was thinking about all the things I learned from you in 2006, stuff that I use every day I learned from you at Boot Camp.

Kevin ... What?

Cool body language secret...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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