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The Persuasion Masters:
The Million Dollar Conversation

An Interview with Roberto Monaco (Part 2)

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Roberto ... That is awesome. Thatís something that I always had Ė I was using my curiosity drivers to figure out how you do it, thanks so much, really helps me out here. How many drivers of the 16 should you focus on like two or three drivers?

Kevin ... Three. Within any one person there is usually maybe three or four that are very, very strong. At Influence: Boot Camp, weíre looking at entrepreneurs, sales people, and maybe leaders at a corporation or something like that.

Influence, selling and the 16 core drives Itís really a pretty narrow group of people that want to really be good leaders. Theyíre power driven people so Iím looking at people who are driving to be powerful. Iím looking at people who are driving to compete and that want to be the best and want to do the best for their family, for an admiration and for the respect of other people. Iím looking at people who are extremely intelligent, they have a strong desire for curiosity and also theyíre very loyalty driven too.

Those are the things that I focus on with my group year round. Those four things resonate with all of my messages all year long. Thatís one of the reasons if you just focus on who your customer is thatís who youíre going to keep as your customer and youíll have them forever as your friend. As long as you serve them well, youíll have them forever. Your turn: Talk about Story Selling.

Roberto ... There are several reasons why you must use story telling, story selling communication. Basically story selling is the art and science of using stories into sales, marketing, leadership process because stories frame the content. There are studies done that if you tell a story then you have a request or you have a logical game and a request the groups who were framed by stories comply more. The study is done Ė story filters and creates emotion in people to make them make a decision.

Stories allow you to reduce resistance in people, itís almost like when you go to the movies, when you have a date, you donít go to a moving saying hopefully this moving is going to be terrible, you donít do that because youíre going to watch a story. When you go to story telling mode people are programmed for many, many years to hear stories from their parents and grandparents. As a matter of fact, thereís the psychology guy, Jerome Bruner his thesis was that people develop stories in their head before they learn how to speak. Our mind is kind of like a video recording machine and has a story, thatís why babies develop the language.

The third aspect, story telling people remember. There are several different stories that you have to learn how to develop like your personal story. Itís going to build up rapport with the audience, I have the value story, I figure out Ė itís kind of like the drive selection but I think the drive selection is more advanced than when I use that, Kevin. Value, I figure out whatís most important to my audience. For example, competition, power, making money, success, freedom, contribution. Right in the beginning I tell a story that fits that. Our value is kind of like they match and you build up rapport really fast.

Let me share one story that happens and hopefully he is listening to this call right now. By the way, when you have a product story you want to make sure you always ask permission from your client. If your client says no, you cannot tell the story, then you can change the name, the location and you can tell the story anyway, they never know if itís about him or her. I asked permission from this client of ours and he said yes. By the way, at the Influence Boot Camp in March, weíre actually going to have some specific stories for awareness videos, more inspirational, youíre going to have teaching stories that youíre going to do for teaching videos, thatís going to be more product stories. Then youíre going to have urgency stories for your conversion videos Iíll be teaching at the Boot Camp.

Let me talk about one product story I have. When we promote events, for example, primarily there are three reasons why people donít go. I donít have the money, I donít have the time, we work for everybody else, wonít work for me. If you do promoting or have seminar they have three major objections.

Storytelling and boosting sales...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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