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Your Summer Personal Achievement Plan

by Kevin Hogan

Page 6

Goal Achievement Mindset

The Right Mind-Set for Success

"Mind Set" is one of those hokey phrases most often used by people who don't know anything about achievement psychology or real world results. That's okay. We'll borrow the phrase because it describes what it says it is.


Your Mind is in CONTROL of Your Results.

That is Mind Set.

By now you should have a clear, detailed plan for acquiring your outcome. You should know what you want, have a solid idea of the sequences that make up your larger desire, have a list of specific sequences use will use, and a general expectation about both the completion of your activities and the culmination of your goal. You've even done your homework and formed alternate plans so you won't get sidetracked if something goes wrong.

How could you fail with a plan like this? You couldn't . . . unless you let your brain begin to work against you.

And that is what 95% of people allow to happen.

Remember: The brain is POWERFUL.

There are some key things to keep in mind if you want to stay focused and motivated.

Commit to your outcome.

You are crossing the street. Cars are coming. You don't move, you get hit. So you MOVE.

Same with all sequences and actions you use in outcome acquisition.

It's all at that level of certainty and motion.

You are "willing" to keep MOVING toward what you want no matter how difficult it may seem at times. You must be willing to ignore your inner critic (or actual criticism from people in your life) and push on in spite of any negative comments. You must make a strong promise to yourself that you will NOT give up, no matter what obstacles you encounter.

You must make the achievement of your goal the most important thing in your life. Without this level of commitment, you will find it very easy to slack off, get distracted, or give up altogether.


The most detailed and effective plan is worthless if you never MOVE. Make a promise to yourself that you will take action immediately and consistently, despite any feelings of fear or hesitation.

Remember that your results are dependent upon the VALUE, intensity and frequency of your MOTION. If you want big results, take big actions. If you don't mind smaller results while you're building up your confidence, then start with smaller actions. Go ahead and do the simpler 3 - 4 hour blocks per day but for goodness sake, MOVE.


...and screw the brochures, logos and something that MATTERS...

Don't get wrapped up in frustration about things you can't control.

Don't worry about seeing results right away. You start writing a book, you don't see a result for nine months or as much as two years when it is published.

Focus on taking actions that MATTER, following your plan and keeping your eyes on the prize.

Focus more on enhancing your own performance, stretching your limits and refining your approach. Detach from unrealistic expectations and instead keep your attention squarely on what you CAN control, which is your own actions.

Evaluate Your Progress

You might think that evaluation is pointless because you'll either see results or you won't. Not typically the case! Remember that achievement is a process and nothing is permanently carved in stone.

Writing a book? Remember you don't see results for a LONG TIME.

So, evaluate your progress. Did you write your thousand words?


Then don't go to bed yet.

Get stuff done, then go to bed.

Get into THAT habit and you will WIN.

Sometimes you'll notice small results, but not as much as you'd like so you need to tweak your plans slightly to adjust the outcome. Or you'll figure out that changing your approach on one simple thing will increase results big time!

Evaluating your progress...Turn the page...

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