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Your Summer Personal Achievement Plan

by Kevin Hogan

Page 5

Goals: Make a Timeline List your key action sequences below, with an estimation of the time needed to complete them:

Action Sequences / Approximate date for completion:

  1. Action 1 / Completion Date:

  2. Action 2 / Completion Date:

  3. Action 3 / Completion Date:

  4. Add More As Needed

Now set a GENERAL TIMELINE for completion of your ultimate goal:

Plan B

If you've ever come to a screeching halt with a goal because you encountered a big obstacle, you know the importance of having an alternate plan. As much as we'd like to hope that things will always go according to plan, we know better.

Goals: Have a Plan B Having a "Plan B" for every step of your journey can save you a lot of time, not to mention frustration! Imagine the difference between feeling immobilized because your path is blocked, or calmly switching gears and moving to Plan B. It can make or break the fulfillment of your goals.

It's easy to forget that there are numerous paths leading to any desired outcome. While we might be attracted to one path over another, ultimately the outcome is the most important thing, right?

In order to ensure stable momentum, take a few minutes to prepare an alternate plan for each part of your goal. Focus not only on alternate paths to the final goal, but alternate activities for each of your action sequences.

Here is a simple way to identify viable alternate activities: as you review each step, consider the question, "What would I do if this step or activity was not possible?"


  • If you didn't get accepted into a degree program, you could: enroll in non-credit courses to expand your knowledge of the topic, seek an entry-level position at a related organization, or explore volunteer opportunities at related organizations.

  • If your weight loss stalls for more than 4 weeks, you could: increase the intensity of your workouts, eliminate certain foods from your diet, or increase your water consumption.

List your key action sequences below and identify some alternate plans:

Action sequence or activity / Alternate sequences or activities:

  1. Action 1 / Alternate Sequence

  2. Action 2 / Alternate Sequence

  3. Action 3 / Alternate Sequence

  4. Add More As Needed

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