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Your Summer Personal Achievement Plan

by Kevin Hogan

Page 3

Refine Your Goals

Daily Actions (a.k.a. stuff you will do)

Daily actions must be habitually challenging but have an attainable result. Think in terms of 3-four hour blocks each morning or night after everyone has gone to bed if this is a new project or business.

  1. Action 1:

  2. Action 2:

  3. Action 3:

  4. Add More As Needed

Weekly Actions

These should be larger steps that involve an element of intelligent risk or aggressive forward movement: Something that has a decent chance of FAILING is a good criteria...Example: I put a webinar on in March. I put 20 hours of creation time into the webinar. That's not an enormous amount of time but it is significant. When people got to the shopping cart they couldn't buy the program that was being promoted at the end of the web event! That is darn irritating.

Most people hit this moment and say, "It doesn't work." But the fact was I missed a detail. (Or someone did, but ultimately it's my business, it's my blunder.)

It drives ya' a little nuts but you MUST move on. What is the alternative?

The answer is you get right back at it. The world did not end. No one got hurt...well at least not many people...

  1. Action 1:

  2. Action 2:

  3. Action 3:

  4. Add More As Needed

Monthly Actions

These should be extraneous steps like evaluating your progress in writing your book. Did you get your 30,000 words completed? THIS IS CRUCIAL: If not, you will take the next 2 - 4 days erase everything else off your calendar and FINISH those 30,000 words. You take a sick day, you cancel lunch with the cute girl, the future boss, the husband, whoever and YOU FINISH WHAT YOU TO TOLD your Self you would do.

  1. Action 1:

  2. Action 2:

  3. Action 3:

  4. Add More As Needed

Notice how this is...well...not quite what anyone ever taught you about goal acquisition?

For Step 4 of your Achievement Plan, turn the page...

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