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Your Summer Personal Achievement Plan

by Kevin Hogan

Page 2

As I've worked closely with people as manager, therapist, consultant, presenter and coach, I've discovered the sum of what a majority accomplish in one month can typically be an evening.

Most (definitely not all) people "beat around the bush," and "dink around" to a tragic point.

For years I've heard this;

"I'm going to write the book as soon as...."


A Goal is a Commitment. Write 1000 words per day minimum. Every day for 80 days.

Now you are done writing.

End of story.

It's not a "goal" to write 1000 words per day, it's like eating dinner. You just DO IT.

Most people babble a couple THOUSAND meaningless words at lunch. Instead of having lunch, grab your laptop and crank in 1000 words. Can you type 50 words per minute?

1000 words is 20 minutes.

No kidding.

You can do it.

If you have to research, great (the lazy don't and this makes you far better already than your future competitor!), go ahead and research and THEN type 1000 words at lunch.

Once simple stuff like this is's habitual. It's the same as eating or sleeping.

Daily actions are usually moderate in scale but the value of them is cumulative in effect. In fact these daily actions must become addictive. It doesn't matter whether it's "fun" or not.

What happens is after you have written your 1000 words per day for a month or two you become addicted to the behavior. It's the same principle that is used for creating addictive video games.

Cause someone to do an addictive and repetitive behavior which constantly needs completion in some way and you cement that addiction.

Devious huh?

The more you do them, the more effective they become. Addiction becomes obsession if obsession didn't start the loop in the first place.

Weekly actions are usually a bit larger in scale, take a little longer to complete, and HOPEFULLY involve an element of risk or something that makes you feel a little uncomfortable or you might reconsider what you are doing.


You need to habituate yourself to intelligent, rational risks.

You're not jumping off of a building. That's not intelligent. You're doing something that costs some time or a little money that has a decent probability of a decent payoff. (The process of these calculations is discussed at length in Decision Point, the e-course which begins next week.)

Bolder actions in modest risk/high reward areas most often bring about bigger results. Tiny actions and baby steps as taught by most, generally get you...nothing.

Let's get specific here.

Writing 100 words per day for that book (for example) is going to require 800 days for completion of the writing. Those "baby steps" are infantile and will produce nothing.

But if those "baby steps" are writing 400 words three times per day, every day, until you have called it a life, THEN you have accomplished massive things.

Almost all projects are broken down into small steps but like video games THOUSANDS of those steps must be taken for them to become habit.

Realize bigger actions are more often subject to failure, which is no big deal because you'll do something different next month. That something will bring a different result.

Failing is anticipated and planned for. If you don't, great.

If you only rarely or don't EVER fail, something is desperately wrong. If fail, it's rarely very important. Everyone who succeeds, fails....a lot.

You've been thinking about doing something important with your life/business this summer. You know if provides a unique opportunity to get ahead of the rest of the world who will be solely slumbering away. Just for the heck of it, list the most productive actions you can determine should be done daily, weekly and monthly for this summer. It's important to note that you are not setting a schedule with this exercise; you are simply identifying key, productive action steps that you can take on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Finally, these steps must yield an ABSOLUTE RESULT.

Don't get caught up wondering how you can find time to do all this, or whether a certain task should be done daily or weekly. Simply put down a general idea of the most productive actions that you can think of. You can always add to this list or change it later on.


Put down your Daily Actions Now.

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