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Your Summer '14 Personal Achievement Plan

by Kevin Hogan

Acquisition! The Comprehensive Goal Attainment System Here's a quick link for those who didn't pick up Acquisition: The Comprehensive Goal Attainment System yet. If you haven't already, you can get Acquisition with a 3 payment plan, if you like. This will disappear as soon as the rapidly diminishing stock has been vaporized.

The word "goal" is one I always hesitate to use.

"Goals," are things most people fail to achieve - and, in so doing, see themselves as failing and then feeling that failure as a bad thing. To be sure, sometimes failure is a disaster, but in most cases, failure is not that big of a deal.

Most successful people consider goals differently than people who are "hoping" desired outcome.

A goal is a commitment.

A goal is a virtual certainty. A goal is for all intents and purposes a future fact.

As a word, it is one I rarely use when I speak or write. I only use the word "goal" because it is commonly used in vocabulary. With Acquisition you learn that a goal is ultimately something you will do, experience or acquire.

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to do....."
That is your "goal."

From today forward, the word "goal" is convenient for simplicity, but realize that "goal" is really a promise, it's a fact.

"I will go to the store and get groceries."

That is a goal.

"I will finish the website this week."
That is a goal.

Both will happen and utter shock and surprise will happen if they don't.

Is it remotely possible "the goal" may not happen?

I guess, but really...when was the last time you didn't get groceries?

When you and I talk, face to face, don't tell me what your "goals" are. Instead, tell me what you are going to do....

Given this important discussion, for today, use the word as a substitute for all that has been stated above!

While you wait for Acquisition: The Comprehensive Goal Attainment System to arrive, here's what I want you to do:

Identify Clear Actions You WILL DO

Now that you've specified your goal it's time to think about the actions that will move you toward the finish line.

Consider which key efforts would create the results you desire. Your answers will depend on the specifics of your goal, the type of goal, and what you need to do to get there.

There are typically two types of action steps. The first kind pertains to planning and preparation. This would include activities like research and education - laying the groundwork for the bigger stuff you'll do next.

Influence, Persuasion, Body Language Expert Kevin Hogan on Personal Achievement. Obviously, if you haven't done this yet, your first focus should be on this type of activity.

A word of warning: don't let yourself get stuck in the planning and preparation stage!

Most people don't move beyond this point because the body rebels against unfamiliar efforts which would follow.

In pursuit of a specific outcome, you may feel inclined to do more and more and more research because you don't feel "ready" to MOVE. People get stuck in this phase for years. Eventually you will have to concede that you've researched and planned enough and it's time to MOVE!

When you do move forward you can accomplish most ANYTHING in life.

If you've already laid the groundwork, you next focus on PRODUCTIVE actions; the actions that will carry the most power, the actions that will inspire the greatest results.

People do the dumbest damn stuff.

I've got a friend who is starting a business and he sent me brochures, logos and letterhead, asking what I think. Why people don't just ask the question, "Should I spend money on letterhead..." first...ah well...

Your friend shows you this mostly useless stuff because they want to hear positive feedback about their new business project.

They couldn't POSSIBLY want to know what I think because brochures, logos and letterhead....really aren't very important.

Perhaps a 1 or 2 on a scale of 1-10, 1 being stuff to do to waste time so you don't have to do things that matter.

What should the subject of conversations be?

Productive actions: You identify action steps that you will take in blocks that form a sequence of actions. You'll do this daily, weekly, and monthly if necessary. A Sequence is something that actually ACCOMPLISHES something that will matter to your project succeeding or being profitable.

Remember, goal acquisition is a predictable process. You can't take action just once and hope it works. Most goals will require consistent effort, specific action steps taken day after day, week after week, month after month!

Perhaps year after year!

Identify the things you can do on a regular basis to keep your plans moving forward.


Identify the actions you can take all in one week or one month to complete the process as rapidly as is humanly possible. Speed and chunking UP is typically important in goal acquisition. There are exceptions.

Here's something to ponder...

What did I discover working with people to acquire their goals? Turn the page...

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