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Mind Control: Read Her Mind

Mind Control:
How to Read Their Mind

Kevin Hogan

Can we do an experiment in Mind Reading?

- If you do this with me step by step you will UNDERSTAND what is happening AND you will be able to replicate it. - If you don' should read another article...because this is pretty cool...

- Do me a favor and write down a two digit number that you might consider lucky, if you believed in such things.

- Next would you write down an interesting card in a deck of 52 cards? Please don't write down the Ace of Spades as almost 90% of people do that. Thanks! I do need you to put this on paper immediately below the number you wrote down. Do this now. Very important. I promise you'll be able to do this with your friends and at the office but you have to play first, ok?

- Be kind enough to write down the name of a flower below the card you wrote down. I really need you to write it down. Remember, I promised...

- Would you now real quick write down a color below the flower?

- Perfect!


- OK, now this is easy. Write down an odd, two digit number where both numbers are different from each other. (like 79, so don't write down 79, OK? Anything else)

Next up.

- Quickly write down a name of an animal (like Lion, but don't write Lion). Now, set your pen down for a moment. You'll need it in just a minute...

Mind Control and Mind Reading ....How would you like to be able to:

  • Cause people to make certain decisions instead of others, or

  • Simply say the right thing and have it trigger crucial emotions and thoughts necessary for you to hear "yes?"

"Mind control" can be an adrenaline pumping life experience. The results of well-done research glisten like gold. Influence as an art is useful. As a science, it is indispensable.

We scientifically tested and re-tested about 30 brand new and some old experiments of mind control and persuasion at Influence: Boot Camp..

Many of the tests and experiments we did are based upon mentalism illusions I often use to open up a presentation. They captivate immediately. People are fascinated when you can read their minds, tell them what happened in their past...with precision. And they literally think that psychic powers are possible because Kevin has them...(but I don't - no more than you do!).

Can You Literally Read Minds?

"Mind Reading" precedes "Mind Control."

You can't control something if you don't know what it is or how it works or what it's doing. So this is where you begin.

Pat D. is a real estate trainer who works on the east coast. And he was one of our Boot Camp participants. I decided to Mind Read Pat, then a question came up about "talking to the dead", and "telling a person their future". Pat was kind enough to let me "psychically" tell him these things:

  • That the someone special he was thinking about who had died was indeed his father,

  • That he died in a hospital of heart attack,

  • It was in a different city but not one far from his own home,

  • That he wasn't able to be with him but desperately wanted to be and,

  • That til this day a small amount of resentment existed by Pat toward the person who was able to be there, his brother.

  • He really wanted to be there. He couldn't.

At that point of the "reading" I stopped and reminded him that I am not psychic and I didn't want him to believe I was. The silence in the room, the looks of astonishment revealed the audience was in awe. It was undeniable evidence that I could read Pat's mind. But I couldn't. I could easily read his nonverbals, though...and I know what I will share with you on the next page...

"Talking to the dead" and reading minds is a teachable skill. In two days, just about anyone can learn to "read someone's mind" or "tell them their past and future" with essentially no error.

Similar skills help develop the most persuasive messages.

If you'd like to know what someone else is thinking simply turn the page and I'll give you a list that almost works as an algorithm. That is the beginning. Then I'll give you 3 examples of how to use this in real life.

AH! And let's see if I wrote down what you wrote down on your paper. If you didn't do this yet, go through the questions above and do it now before you turn the page. If you already did it, cool, simply turn the page right now!

The Mind Reading List and Algorithm: Page | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

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ATTENTION: The Secret Tactics of
Mind Control

Imagine How Powerful You Would Be if... You Could Control Minds Because You Know...

...All The Tactics of Persuasion
in Existence

What would you do?

How would you influence others?

What would you want?

Mind Control: The Science of Influence 13 - 24 is an absolutely unique peek into *all* of the persuasion tactics. All? All. Kevin Hogan has catalogued each and every one for you. All told there are 59 tactics that can be utilized in the persuasion process and they are ALL detailed here for you.

No one on the planet has ever released a program containing every tactic of persuasion. They are here for the first time.

You Will Be Able To:

  • Conquer Your Market
  • Motivate Your Clients
  • Profit in Surprising Ways From Your New Knowledge
  • Learn The Mind Control Model From Square One... 

    This program breaks new ground in persuasion.

100% Legal!

  • Maneuver through the most complex situations you face.
  • Eliminate "No."
  • Eliminate the "call back for approval."
  • Eliminate "buyers remorse."
  • Eliminate, "I'll think about it."
  • Eliminate your competition.  
This 13+ hour course on CD comes with an oversized manual on PDF that makes learning and mastering the tactics and techniques of persuasion remarkably simple.   
"...your courses are the reason that I made $32,000 last week!"
"I bought your Covert Hypnosis and Science of Influence and I thought I owed it to you to tell you that your courses are the reason that I made $32,000 last week! I used to lose a great deal of customers 'on the fence'. I thought it was just part of the deal, you get some, you lose most. I still make a great living getting 'some'. I believe your courses enabled me to get most of the ones that are 'on the fence' while losing only some of them. Thanks!" Mark Deaton, AGSI, Twin Falls, ID

Principles of "Mind Reading" Revealed

In 2000, one of the world's finest mentalists (someone who "reads minds" for entertainment) agreed to show me how to calibrate to almost anyone's thought processes with a quick look at the person and the expression on their face. It took me all of a couple of hours to "get it." All he asked in return was to tap my mind on the latest in persuasion. It was a fair trade.

The principles of mind reading are wrapped up in what in the know Fortune 500 companies call psychographics.

In a nutshell, you can tell a LOT about a person by asking three questions and looking at how they dress and keep themselves. No. Not a lot....everything that matters.

Mark told me that his accuracy was unparalleled and after I successfully did what he did with people, I never doubted him again.

I took the three questions, and the physical appearance elements and assembled the information into the coolest psychographic tool anyone could ask for.

These two (of 12) CD's alone are worth 10 times the price of the Advance Course and that is understating the fact dramatically.

You will blow people's minds (and your own) by knowing what people think before THEY are consciously aware of it themselves.

This is one of the big reasons people find this specific advanced course their "favorite" of the Science of Influence volumes.  

The information here will either help you... or... your competitor plant the flag atop your market.

Want it to be you? 

** Secret 1 : In EVERY approach that is initially accepted, your client wants to say "yes", at least ONCE. Learn how to TRIGGER that moment and move before they turn back to "no!"

** Secret 2 : There are precisely 59 tactics in persuasive communication. No more. No less. They have been identified and for the first time anywhere, they are presented to you in this course and no other that is available.

** Secret 3 : Everyone fears rejection. Everyone. The girl, your friends, your client do not want to be rejected by YOU! Find out how to answer that call for connection every time.

** Secret 4 : No one wants to hear "no." OK that's not a BIG secret. How would you like to ELIMINATE your fear of hearing will?

** Secret 5 : NLP was on the right track with meta-programs. I found out which ones made a difference in selling...then found 7 new meta-programs no one else had come across...ever...and they are all here for you! 

More that will be unveiled?

* Credibility: 7 things you MUST do to be seen as credible and believable by others.

* All 59 tactics in persuading anyone to your way of thinking? They are ALL here.

* The Delta Model of Mind Control. (A detailed sequence by sequence of precision based communication and body movements.

* Everyone's goal is to be seen and experienced as a recognized authority. I'm going to show you how to literally brand with any group of people you choose! They see your name, your face and they immediately trust you, know you, respect you, answer to you!

What will you receive?

  • Vol. 1: The Delta Mind Control Model of Influence (Part 1)
  • Vol. 2: The Delta Mind Control Model of Influence (Part 2)
  • Vol. 3: The High Level Secret of Oscillation
  • Vol. 4: Trust and Credibility: The Pivot Point of Control 
  • Vol. 5: Utilizing Metaprograms for Maximum Impact
  • Vol. 6: How Their Brain Will Buy You!
  • Vol. 7: You can't Hear "Yes!" if You Can't Get and Hold Their Attention. How to Rapidly Build Brand You.
  • Vol. 8: Mind Reading - How to Know What They are Thinking
  • Vol. 9: Psychographics - Why Your Client Buys...and How to Know in Advance What Will Cause them to Buy You
  • Vol. 10: Optimizing Persuasive Messages
  • Vol. 11 & 12: Here they are: 59 Mind Control Persuasion Tactics That Gain Compliance.

Detailed Listing of the Contents of Each Volume:

Volume 1 & 2. The Delta Mind Control Model, for the very first time shows you how to begin, "middle" and end a communication that is designed to control minds and influence. You must know the syntax of persuasion to optimize your results. Most models of persuasion fail because they don't take into account all the aspects of influence. The DMCM works because you are able to control the direction of your mind and that of your client or counterpart. As a rule of thumb you have about 8 MINUTES to create change in someone's mind. You will learn precisely what techniques and strategies can be utilized at various stages of those eight minutes. You will finally have a working model for influence that you can put all the other techniques and strategies into.

Strategy and Technique Placement. There are numerous selling and persuasion models available. But none are as advanced as the Delta Model. None are going to show you all the places where you can implement anticipated regret, confusion tech, FITD, DITF, masterful reframing, and all of the other techniques you can learn in the other volumes of The Science of Influence. The entire breadth of the model is in CD 1 The depth of the model is in CD 2. 

Volume 3. Oscillation. Most people operate under the belief that what they believe is "real" What's interesting is that these beliefs constantly waver throughout the course of a conversation! Someone can tell you their beliefs are etched in stone and you can change their mind completely, in minutes if you know how! Understand oscillation and can utilize the techniques to direct oscillation you can begin to re-map anyone's mind.

  • Know when someone is wavering in their thinking.
  • Persuade someone whose beliefs are etched in stone.
  • Communicate in detail about your proposal at the right MOMENT.
  • Disarm the oscillation that naturally occurs in your client's mind.
  • Entrain your client's thinking with yours.

Volume 4. Trust and Credibility: The Pivot Point for Mind Control and Persuasion. No credibility = "No!" I'm going to show you all the ways to build credibility fast and effectively! You MUST be 100% credible! Now you will be.

Volume 5 & 6. Metaprograms and Branding. The next two CDs in this package deal with the NEW metaprograms and branding your SELF. These two CDs alone are more than worth the price of the entire package. Would you like to know how to have people see you as THE go-to person in your field? I'm going to show you how.
  • Framing messages incorrectly virtually guarantees failure. Transform TODAY!
  • How to get people to instantly like you by filtering into their natural metaprograms.  

And then we get to the core of Mind Control and Persuasion

Buying You...

Being seen as unique and different from the crowd makes you easy to pick. Ever wonder how the Beast so often snares The Beauty? It isn't because he looks like everyone else (thank goodness!). You are now going to be different and in some ways superior to your competitors. You need to have the right ingredients that make YOU the obvious answer to "their" problem.

Looking for the Right Girl? Salesperson? Internet Marketer? Entrepreneur? Essentially they are all the same when it comes to branding. In fact, as an individual you are branding yourself...or not...everyday.

Volume 7.How to Rapidly Build Brand You. You are going to learn the answers to these absolutely vital questions in this special volume of The Science of Influence:

  • What do you want to accent about yourself to the world?
  • What do you want your customers and clients to think about you once you get their attention?
  • How will you gain that attention?
  • How will you keep that attention?
  • How will you make a believable and sustainable image for yourself in your personal and career pieces of your life?  
Making Brand You is absolutely vital to your success in influencing others to buy you instead of someone else. The competition is fierce out there and this CD gives you an incredible edge. More? It shows you specifically what to do to get that attention when you have no money to work with.
Volume 8. Mind Reading. I'm going to reveal some of my most closely held secret methods of determining what people are thinking in the moment. You are going to get an amazing tool. You will learn my 3 Question Model for determining current thought and I am going to give you one of my favorite techniques for utilizing that specific information in gaining compliance. This CD is worth the price of the entire course.

Volume 9. Psychographics. This CD introduces you to some of the most powerful tools you can use in knowing what is going on in the minds of others...then how to IMMEDIATELY use that information.

This is the most exciting CD in this series. It is simply some of the most instantly usable information you will ever learn and like the rest of the Science of Influence CDs, you aren't going to find this information from ANYONE in the world.

In Volume 9, you will learn how to code ANYONE's buying pattern.

With that information you will know EXACTLY the approach you want to take when communicating with people that fall within each of the different profiles. You're going to learn how to confirm your predictions with tangible evidence in a person's life including the magazines they read, the cars they buy, the events they attend and much more. In other words, you learn to predict anyone's buying profile then you can determine if you are correct by looking at their life and they communication style.

Then comes the best part. Because you have confirmed the information with tangible evidence you then learn if your prediction is correct as to their profile and you can KNOW what the best approach to talk with this person is.

Volume 10.Twelve NEVER before Revealed Secrets to Optimize Persuasive Messages. Did you know that there are actually a significant number of sales calls, persuasive presentations and proposals where you should NOT mention the benefits of you, your product, service or idea? Heresy, you say? Heretical yes, and absolutely proven factual.

Did you know that different people need different amount of information and if you guess wrong as to how much and what you say, you lose the client, the sale, the date and the deal? True.

You Demanded Them, Now Here They Are in Their Entirety! The 59 Persuasion Tactics

Volumes 11 & 12. 59 Mind Control and Persuasion Tactics That Gain Compliance. Of the 59 persuasion tactics, Role Response Projection is one of the most extraordinary and without a doubt one of the most powerful tactics you can utilize...with a person, a group or even a nation.

"Imagine how powerful you would be if you actually knew all the persuasion tactics in existence. Imagine. What would you do? How would you influence others? What would you want?"

The 59  

I've decided to give you my secret compendium of all the tactics of persuasion.

A tactic is a very specific maneuver or plan for attaining a very specific goal. A number of tactics usually combine to form a strategy and a number of strategies...spell success. The verbal tactic is the atom. It is the smallest component in verbal persuasion.

The greatest aspect of having all 59 tactics at your finger tips is that you can determine the best tactic for each and every situation that you are in where you need compliance. (That means, "Yes!")

So many people use the same tactics over and over and begin to sound like a machine. This is true in international negotiation, speeches, sales presentations, or even in getting the date. The person who succeeds and hears "yes" is the person who has the widest knowledge of tactics and the ability to apply them instantly.

"If You Don't Know the Tactics, You Simply Cannot Be Persuasive with Anyone or Any Group in the Long Term!"

Get this today for what I promise you is the most compact download of persuasion tactics you will EVER receive in your life.  

This Part of the Science of Influence Library is the most amazing 13+ hours of persuasion you've ever heard.

It's only here.

This is the only place you can order it.

You haven't seen this from anyone else anywhere.

It's unique.

It's the best material available to you from any source on influence and persuasion and it will quickly transform you to owning your market and eliminating your competition.

Get your copy of Mind Control: Science of Influence now!


Kevin Hogan on Success, Achievement and Personal Mastery

Kevin Hogan
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