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Seven Marketing Techniques
to Get the Fence Sitter
Off the Fence

by Kevin Hogan

I've just returned from Influence: Boot Camp in Las Vegas. Extraordinary week. We talked influence, persuasion, consulting, marketing, selling and at the end of the week everyone saw just what is possible to accomplish in a short amount of time.

On the return flight a few thoughts were triggered drawn from the vast number of questions people asked on breaks and after hours. I thought I'd share some of the answers with you.

Some of these marketing techniques are valuable for Some would not be KH friendly but would be useful elsewhere.

1. The "Dictionary Definition" Technique

Internet Marketing with Kevin Hogan. Photo by Stockexpert. Scientists often have people do anagrams and unscramble the word puzzles to prime the mind to take an action or do a behavior.

If they want to see if they can cause people to walk quickly they will have people unscramble related words to walking fast. (ex. Jog, jump, move, quick, running)

The "see the definition of (a persuasive word)..." strategy gives your prospects a clear description of a powerful word or two in your sales letter (for example). Sometime by just reading a definition of a "word that sells" will persuade them to buy. It will have more meaning than just highlighting it or making the word bold.

I use this more in articles than in promos, but the concept is the same either way. You are accenting something that is SIGNIFICANT and the extra brain power directs the brain to act in the direction of what is defined.

For example, if I want you to eat less junk food so you live longer, I might say, "the definition of diet is to NOT die now."


"...and the definition of oscillation is the moving back and forth between yes and no and I want you to grab something healthy to eat when you are thinking, -yes- to sticking to the diet."

I shared this with one particular participant at Boot Camp who saw the genius of this technique. She easily understood that genius is what puts you in the top 2% and she figured out that smart marketing = genius.

(See how that works?)

How many people use this? Almost no one. And as long as that is the case it will continue to be potent.

2. The "Guess Who?" Tactic

The "we have a mystery expert..." strategy tells your prospects that you're not revealing a guru's name that is somehow related to your product or presentation. They may have contributed to your product, endorsed your product or helped present (a teleseminar guest) your product. You could use 2 to 3 blanks for their name _____ _____ and then list all their credentials.

You need a GOOD REASON as to why you aren't giving a person's name TODAY.

If I'm doing a training in Las Vegas, I don't want to introduce all my guest speakers or invited VIP's at the same time. We know that individually or introducing people in pairs is much more powerful than presenting a group in one shot.

People will be curious about who the person could be. If they are really famous, you could tell your prospects that they likely have heard of them. If this expert is new on the scene, you could tell them that he/she is brand new to the (your niche) world or they work behind the scenes.

I like this approach IF I am not 100% certain that someone will be at the training. Quite often we have well known people stop in but you may not want to promise it.

Where the technique used to work was perhaps 10 years ago. At that time you could use this more effectively than it captivates today.

If you've done enough to BUILD a REALLY good mystery, people will read next time around to see just who you have coming.

3. The "I thought he was dead" Strategy

The "despite what you may have heard, (something related to your product) is not dead..." strategy tells your prospects that your product is still alive and kicking and they have been just hearing untrue rumors. You just need to dispel the gossip and give them proof why a lot of people are wrong about it.

This doesn't work for KH stuff but it has excellent applications in other markets.

4. The "Birthday Reminder" Dual Technique

Internet Marketing with Kevin Hogan. Photo by Stockexpert.One of the greatest completely untapped uses of Social Media is that you know when someone's birthday is. People REALLY believe their birthday is special. And it certainly can be. So why not send a birthday greeting to every person on your Friend list on Facebook?

People always want to know how to "use" Facebook. Well, this is one excellent answer. People don't get a lot of cards anymore. This means that when a card DOES arrive in the mail it has ENORMOUS value. When they do get that card, they appreciate it and often remember WHO sent it. (At Christmas a lot of people keep track.) I know who sends me Christmas cards and birthday cards, and not only do I remember.... I appreciate...

The "get your (a friend, a family member, a colleague, etc.) a gift for (a holiday or birthday)..." technique tells your prospects to be giving on the particular holiday. You can tell them to reflect back to a time when they bought and gave a gift to someone they cared about and tell them to remember how good it felt.

Want another cool tactic?

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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