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Life Lessons On the Road

by Kevin Hogan

Learning from My Mistakes and Successes
How my Trip to Poland Taught Me Lessons of a Lifetime
...and you can take them for the reading.

Damn Journalists...

Blame is such an easy thing to do.

I am just like you, when something goes wrong I diagnose, determine and mentally dictate innocence or guilt upon the people I see.

I do try hard to keep silent until I have a better picture because I know how much I hate to be blamed for things that go wrong...and things go wrong every day.

The Journalists (Newspaper and Magazine Reporters) were upset. That was not an opinion, simply an obvious observation. I looked as they walked into my suite and only one had a bright smile on his face, clearly happy to be able to interview me.

The others...cold...cold...cold...

An interesting factor that unfortunately became related to the press conference was the elections for Prime Minister were held the day before and the hard line right wing party was decidedly defeated by a fed up public where a record number of Pole's voted. (55% of the electorate)

The Prime Minister was staying in the Suite that I had wanted for the weekend. Security was far greater than airport security. Just getting to my room was a project.

So Monday morning arrives, the Prime Minister has lost, the politicians that filled the hotel cleared out and an air of happiness fills the halls.

The Journalists begin their trek to my suite...

It's Out of My Hands
2 years ago my book Covert Persuasion was in it's final edit. I never look at a book once it's out of my hands and written. I'm a terrible editor and find it a task that rates with doing taxes, cutting the checks, and writing book proposals.

Trying to figure out if I need to use "too" or "to." No...I finish the book, it goes to the editor.

...sometimes I read Coffee after someone points out that I said something that didn't make sense or seemed to contradict who I am as a person. And sure enough, I will once in a while write the OPPOSITE of what I was thinking, usually because I was thinking of the opposite. So I might write, "and I found myself mad at him," when I was thinking, "and a lot of people would have found themselves made at the guy, but it didn't make much difference to me."

That's quite a distinction and that's how the human brain works verbally and in text. Holding someone to something they've said only once is a shakey holding. Same is true for what someone writes only once.

I do spell check all issues of Coffee but spell check misses homynyms which is a real bummer (their/there for example).

So, I sent Covert Persuasion back to the editor after she sent it to me. I did scan the pages and found that the hundreds of marks per page indicated the poor woman had suffered enough. I wasn't going to cause her more work. I signed off on the proof. If there are still a few words or phrases wrong, I'm not going to torment her...

Turn the page.

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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