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The Key to Success:
The Ultimate Secret

by Kevin Hogan

Page 5

People's brains run in the moment and only the moment. And that is why they fail.

I want to feel good right now. YOU want to feel good right now.

We all want to feel good NOW.

Persistence leads to Success in Business We want the burger, the cigarette, the whatever feels good in the moment thing RIGHT NOW and the idea of delaying gratification is simply unheard of.

So, we throw out Project X and go back to being depressed because we are in the hamster wheel and that is predictable, comfortable and familiar. It's hated but it isn't feared.

It makes no rational sense at all.

It's all based on feelings and emotion.

It's simply how people act. Very predictable. Very understandable.


What are the Key Five Ingredients?

Say you want to be different. YOU want to be one of the teeny tiny few that actually does something that is cool in life.

What is the REAL SECRET?

The bogus secret is to visualize, feel good about it, (some say take action) be grateful as you receive it.

Guaranteed to fail long-term, if not immediately.

Here's the real secret.

See, Believe, Begin, Continue, Finish

Those five words summarize it all. The formula. The golden key. The real Master Key.

Most people can get past the first three; then of course, they stop.

Most people are great starters but don't finish stuff.

"Idea people," is how they refer to themselves.

"Idea people" have no self-discipline but will work comfortably (if not irritably) in just about any hamster wheel on the planet.

"Idea people" have no tangible value to offer because they can't complete a project. And it's a shame. Because it isn't their fault. No one ever taught them CONTINUE AND FINISH.

They work just as hard as a "finisher" but they don't ever FINISH their IDEA. Thus they have 25 projects that are worthless.

People aren't worth dollars per hour....they are worth dollars per successfully completed and implemented and managed project...

And the one ingredient that guarantees your success forever...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
16526 W. 78th St. #138
Eden Prairie, MN 55346
(612) 616-0732

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