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Instant Influence

Hidden Persuaders at Light Speed

Working With Human Nature to Gain Compliance in Selling, Marketing, Business and Personal Relationships…Instantly! 

Influence: Instant Influence Secrets by Kevin Hogan. Photo used by License: istockphoto/Stratol

"Human nature is about right now, in this moment, the next ten seconds." Kevin Hogan


Covert Factors Matter

On 9 CDs you can listen again and again to burn these new concepts, freshly tested, scientifically validated and immediately applicable.

Changing Minds with New Mental Technology is now required. This is
that Mental Technology.
If you remotely wonder if that statement is correct, think about all of
the money major corporations spent on advertising, marketing, promotion,
sales; and they are now bankrupt.
Supposedly the best brains in the business have been paid billions to
grow their conglomerates. But all the money in the world can't bring in
new customers if you can't pierce the veil of the 2010 mind.
Getting people to "yes," has never been more difficult in your lifetime than
it is in 2010. It's going to be more difficult as people's innate defense
mechanisms create a shell around their decision making faculty.
Delay, wait, "not yet", being careful, and all of the other "tomorrow"
messages are emanating from all directions.
I tried to fit this on 8 CD's so it would fit the containers we....
...invested in. :-)
No luck.
This is a lot of information and it just got a little bigger than I guessed.
How "good" is this program?
It's on a par with my best work.
No one else has this information except, now... you.
No big persuasive sales letter today. You can figure it out
for yourself. The Track Listing for the CDs is below. 


"Kevin, I just finished listening to your Instant Influence set and I have to say that it is one of your best products to date. The set underscores all of the important ideas and research from Science of Influence, Covert Persuasion, and even some of the other sets you have out. It doesn’t matter the level of influence someone needs whether for a sales person or someone who just has a better idea and wants to get the message out in a clandestine way. This set in my mind is an instant classic and truly a great masterpiece!"

Scott Sylvan Bell, Elk Grove California,

Why is it that people are impotent when it comes to influence? Why do people stink at selling? (And hate to sell?) 

People go to motivational seminars. They come back. They go to work Monday... They still sell "10%." Why? They are smiling, motivated, blah, blah, blah. Because far more in the realm of selling and persuading others is about nonverbal stuff than anything you will ever say.

Actually, "motivation" in the sense that most people think about it, has very little to do with influencing or selling or much of anything. 

But there are factors that do matter in whether someone will sell a whole bunch more stuff, a little stuff or no stuff. "Positive Attitude" might sound cool, but it doesn't rank in the top 10 factors that sell.  


Magic Words in Business & Personal Relationships

Business and relationships revolve around fixing the problems noted just above and bringing life as close as possible to the things you want. So does politics. Of course, so does pretty much everything.

In fact, the concept of "business" vs. "personal" doesn't exist in the human animal, or even the human mind. "Business" is an arbitrary construct and the creation of culture. The human brain has no such understanding of these concepts. It's ALL personal to the brain and there is NO business.

Did You Make ANY of THESE Mistakes (that even the pros make) the Last Time You Failed to Make the Sale? 

There are 10 Deal Breakers that CAUSE them to say "No" and they never even knew why. 

1. Did You Talk Too Much?

Joe Biden didn't in the Vice Presidential debate. For a change, he reigned himself in (for the most part!). And he did very well because of it. More words aren’t necessarily better. What about you? Don't worry, most people do babble. And it's a fairly easy habit to change.  

...Plus 9 more Deal Breakers!


Little Things Mean a Lot.… 

Here’s all the relevant research you need to stay on top of the competition! From how visual and verbal contact matter to outcomes; to familiarity in context; and specific wording in marketing campaigns can make all the difference to compliance. Social norms and the average buyer. What do you need to know? 

Live and In Person… 

How to influence a crowd utilizing more than just words. Strategies to make your presentation the most influential possible. Behind the scenes; setting the stage—influencing them before you even step up on the stage.  

Digging Around in Their Head 

In the average person, you’ll find all the same things: fear, doubt, uncertainty, shame, anger, and a need to change...something. It’s your job to recognize their pain...and fix it. How ? 

The Techniques of Instant Influence 

40+ specific techniques are described and dissected for you. The Primacy Effect, Inoculation, Jeer Appeal, Foot in the Door, Hypocrisy Reduction, Evocation of Freedom. Plus so many more. Do you know how to utilize each to its best effect? Kevin Hogan outlines them all. 

The Principles of Why People Buy 

What's one of the most important things to know before giving a Persuasive Selling Presentation?  

Understanding what motivates people to buy and then pushing all the right buttons.

People buy things all the time without even knowing WHY they bought it. But, you can easily figure it out. What are the core principles of consumer buying? And, what one principle can you utilize every day in getting to “Yes” more often?

Instant Influence:
Hidden Persuaders at Light Speed

CD 1 Magic of Instant Influence
Track 1 10:04 Why are most people impotent at influence?
Track 2 09:57 How Their Mood Affects Their Buying Choice
Track 3 10:02 Non-Subliminal Primes
Track 4 10:02 The Dying Sales & Marketing Strategy
Track 5 09:57 The *New* Magic Words of Persuasion: Do You Know Them?
Track 6 16:00 Assignation of Meaning
CD 2 The "Pros" Make These Mistakes
Track 1 10:00 Will Logic Overcome?
Track 2 10:06 Did You Make These Influence Mistakes?
Track 3 10:02 The Influence of *Your* Friends
Track 4 09:57 Group Opinion
Track 5 09:58 Three Psychological Doors Proven to Enter Their Mind
Track 6 08:39 Convenience Vs. Cost
CD 3 The Little Things That *Really* Mean A Lot
Track 1 09:58 Peripheral Cues
Track 2 10:01 Familiarity
Track 3 10:06 Nonconscious Responses
Track 4 10:04 How Social Norms Influence
Track 5 10:02 Little Things Change Big Behaviors
Track 6 10:12 Words Cost Billions ...or not
CD 4 You: "Live" in Person
Track 1 09:58 Setting the Stage for Influence
Track 2 10:08 Behind the Scenes
Track 3 09:56 Hemispheric Visual & Auditory
Track 4 10:01 Future Biography & Crowd Observation
Track 5 10:09 Distinctions in Image Creation - Men / Women
Track 6 10:32 Bonus Material: The 859 and 501 Tactics
CD 5 Digging Around in Their Head
Track 1 09:53 Cognitive Dissonance Behavioral Technique
Track 2 10:03 Your Goal in Getting Them to Yes
Track 3 10:02 Conscious and Nonconscious Mind Reading Techniques
Track 4 10:03 People Want to Buy From _____
Track 5 10:00 The Instant Influence Sequence
Track 6 11:50 Mind Reading 101 and Beyond
CD 6 The Grand Strategy
Track 1 09:56 Your Goal is to _____
Track 2 10:03 Action ===> Attitude
Track 3 10:03 People Like to Buy
Track 4 09:58 Five Ways to Get Their Attention
Track 5 10:00 Digging Deeper into Feelings, Emotions, Passions
Track 6 07:43 Designing Your Product/Brand
Track 7 04:59 Getting Them to Change / Building Your Message
CD 7 Prime Motivators & Instant Influence Techniques
Track 1 09:52 Negative Emotions are Prime Motivators
Track 2 09:58 Concepts for Instant Application
Track 3 10:15 They Are Experiencing Fear, Don't Pop The Balloon
Track 4 09:53 Completely Quell Their Resistance
Track 5 10:04 The Expert vs. The Non Expert
Track 6 07:20 The Best Techniques of Instant Influence # 1-6
Track 7 05:11 The Seventh Technique #7
CD 8 The Best Techniques of Instant Influence
Track 1 09:59 Techniques of Instant Influence # 8 - 15
Track 2 09:59 Techniques of Instant Influence # 16 - 23
Track 3 10:06 Techniques of Instant Influence # 24 - 27
Track 4 09:59 Techniques of Instant Influence # 28 - 34
Track 5 10:09 Techniques of Instant Influence # 35 - 39
Track 6 07:49 Techniques of Instant Influence # 40
Track 7 04:41 Bonus: Hypnotic Language Pattern: Tested and Found
CD 9 Know the Reasons People Buy
Track 1 10:03 The Power of "Thinking Without Thinking"
Track 2 10:00 Personal Identification
Track 3 10:01 But, What if They Dislike You or Your Product?
Track 4 09:55 Seven Instant Influence Tactics That Really Work
Track 5 10:01 What Motivates Them to Buy?
Track 6 07:11 People Buy Because of Presentation.
If that doesn't make you hungry for Instant Influence....
P.S. Please write after you've listened to the program. We'd love to have your feedback and post your testimonial.

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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