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Messages that
Unlock the Mind's Door

by Kevin Hogan

Page 2

Magic Words in Business & Personal Relationships

Know the Magic Words...

Here's why...

Your business and your relationships revolve around fixing your problems noted on the previous page, and then, bringing your life experience as close as possible to the things you want.

In fact, the concept of "business" vs. "personal" doesn't exist in the human brain. "Business" is an arbitrary cultural construct. The human brain has no such understanding of these concepts.

Most of the same Magic Formulas work at home, the office, and the stadium.

It's ALL personal to the brain...there is no business.

Problem Solving Skills. istockphoto/webphotographeer The reason business often "feels" so artificial and phony, is because, for most people and most businesses, it IS artificial.

The brain sees no difference between people at the office and at the stadium.

Behavior, however, is (supposed to be) different at the two locations, of course.

Why? The arbitrary cultural rules, later agreed upon, though different from culture to culture, have been put in place in an attempt to regulate behavior (and generally do a fairly good "job") at the office.

However, the degree of contentment one has at the office, at least from my quick look at the research, is not very encouraging.

You can't yell or smack the guy in the office next to you, or you get "written up".

You can't tell the woman across the way what you're really thinking, or you have to go find a different building to go to each morning.

You can't engage in all the NOW stuff you want to, because the rules say you can't, and you'll need a new building to go to if you break the rules.

THAT would require more discomfort, more unfamiliarity, learning new things and thus, people continue to clean the hamster wheel and keep it well oiled. It's not going anywhere.


"I will do the work for you."

Those are Magic Words.

If you can promise someone those words and fulfill them, you can sell and sell and sell. You cab market successfully and never have to worry much about anything as long as you live.

Ask women if they want the guy to do the dishes "some of the time," and they will typically tell you, "YES" - that matters. Obviously it shouldn't matter, but it matters a LOT.

When you grasp this simple concept, you will understand the basic formula for creating Magic Words for any situation! I'll give you some neat incantations on the next page, and you'll find the answer to this question that will change how you communicate for the rest of your life...

Why does your partner want need you to wash the dishes?...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
16526 W. 78th St. #138
Eden Prairie, MN 55346
(612) 616-0732

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