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Hypnotic Messages that
Unlock the Mind's Door

by Kevin Hogan

Words and the Messages they Carry, Matter Most when they Push Buttons in the Brain

Kevin Hogan on Installing False Memories for Positive Change To understand what messages trigger people to action, a quick look at the U.S. election will prove instructive.

Do the words of Hillary Clinton and/or Donald Trump make the difference of who will win the election in November?

The answer is yes...

And those words were said six months ago. The words represented ideas Points of Identification that caused these two candidates to be nominated. The words triggered reactions in voters both favorable and unfavorable.

Key Point: Negative Trigger words and phrases are more predictable than Positive Trigger words and phrases.

For example, in this campaign words like Benghazhi and all things related have had no impact of significance on who was eventually nominated.


Because it was already an old trigger that made opposition to Clinton a bit stronger among those who were already opposing Clinton.

What about the Email scandal and all trigger words that were associated with them?

Same thing.

They strengthened the stand opposing Clinton but had no impact of significance among Clinton supporters. People who ALREADY identified with Clinton weren't going to change their support because of emails or an embassy incident.

But wait! I hear you saying, that Bernie Sanders made a big dent in the Clinton campaign.

And you are correct. Among people of Like Kind, those emails and embassy words all mattered. A dozen ideological differences between Sanders and Clinton were reinforced by the words of the Democratic candidates. The words that mattered most were those used to polarize the other candidate.

But once Sanders was out of of the race, Like Kind voters were secondly Democrats and firstly identified with Clinton vs. Trump by far more powerful points of identification. Ethnicity and gender now raise to the top. Minorities and women are overwhelming supporters of Clinton because of Trump's polarizing of Latinos and Women.

I suspect that Trump is still surprised that he has not collected the support of women voters, knowing how many women he employs in high positions.

He could still capture the demographic of young women...if...he's smart!

Among older women? He can say all the words in the world now but the difficult to break mold is cast. The women who have supported Clinton and Sanders to date will not change their position regardless of words that are said between now and the election.

But do realize that this support for Clinton is Identification driven.

Older women (40+) more often than not believe they have experienced discrimination of some kind. These women have supported Clinton from Day One. But young women supported Bernie Sanders and by a large margin! Young women outnumber men at University and in hiring for better jobs across the nation. Young women don't report that they have been dealt a bad hand in life.

The question is, will these younger women vote for Clinton or for Trump who has become the identification point with working class and whites in America.

Ultimately people do not vote policy. They vote identity. Identity between you and the candidate is the result of how you perceive the candidate looking at YOU. If you intuit the candidate looks upon you favorably, you will vote for them. Kevin Hogan on Changing People's Beliefs Easily Trump of course is the big surprise. He beat a dozen candidates for the nomination. Words, phrases, and the expressions of the words & phrases all have had dramatic impact on listeners across the nation.

His irritation with individuals or groups provoked him to tweets and quips in the media won him the nomination.

His spontaneous expressions of irritation resonated with a large swath of Americans.

But will his language and phrasing win him the election?

Probably not.

Those tweets and quips polarized (for better and worse) all kinds of demographic groups.

You probably have seen the videos I've made about words and phrases at You Tube.

Today I want to go beyond the short and sweet videos and dig into how to use specific words, why you would use them and what has to be conveyed to make those precise words so potent.

There are all kinds of exceptions to this rule but here is the rule:

Well selected AND elegantly delivered combinations of words can trigger any number of strong feelings inside of another person.

Influence - Magic Words that Open the Mind's Door

Magic Words and Phrases

"Just Relax, I'll Take Care of Everything."

"Fear not. I Will Do The Work For You."

"You are Beautiful."

"You are the Best Thing that Ever Happened to me."

Who wouldn't breathe easier after hearing, "I'll do the work for you"?

(At least if you KNEW the task would get done correctly, efficiently and quickly.)

Human nature is not as complicated as many would have you believe.

Human nature is about right now, IN THIS MOMENT, the next ten seconds.

What does this "right now moment" look like?

  • You don't want to experience FEAR.
  • You don't want to EXERT EFFORT.

  • You want to be content.

  • You want revenge against the people you feel harmed you or those you love.
  • You want to have SEX.
  • You want to have FOOD, preferably good food.
  • You want freedom and independence; while being connected.
  • You want to be comfortable.
  • You want your children to be SAFE, secure and, preferably, happy.
OH!...and YOU don't want to do anything in return for these things.

...or, at least, as little as possible.

KEYPOINT: And the same is true for the person you are talking with!

Human nature...

It's simple, people want someone to do the work for do EVERYTHING for them.

Of course.

"I will give you National Health Care. I will make your borders secure. I will give you the best education in the world. I will bail out your company and even You! Or my fellow citizen voter, you can vote for the evil guy who wants you to be self-reliant and responsible!"

People's "natural way" is to experience what I call, "Hopeful Outsourcing".

People "hope" that someone...out there...with the resources - will do the work for you and me.

Now, the fact is that, there are all kinds of problems that keep you from having what you want.

  • There could be an enemy at the gate. Perhaps many enemies.
  • The children (employees) could be crying.
  • There might be no one around to have sex with.
  • There might be no food that is nearby.
  • There might be someone or something limiting your freedom and independence.
  • Those you are familiar with being connected to may not be available.
  • The rock or chair on which you sit might be uncomfortable.
  • You may not be certain about the whereabouts about your children.

Here are the Magic Words to get YOU what you want and cause THEM to say "yes," now...

...right now!: Page | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
16526 W. 78th St. #138
Eden Prairie, MN 55346
(612) 616-0732

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