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How Chatty, Boring People Persuade when Smart People Fail

by Kevin Hogan

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Want to Know What Gets Them to Say "Yes?"

In a recent press release, Authors Bob M. Fennis (Utrecht University, the Netherlands), Loes Janssen (University of Twente, the Netherlands), and Kathleen D. Vohs (University of Minnesota) [and Vohs is one of my favorite reads. In marketing and social psych ...there just aren't any better]...found that...

Questions that seem like polite chitchat actually soften you up for "a pitch." And this strategy even succeeds at increasing donations.

Telemarketing Influence Secrets The next time a telemarketer opens with a friendly question, you might stop and wonder why.

A new study in the Journal of Consumer Research shows that it is surprisingly effective when salespeople or fundraisers ask how your day has been or which football team you support before broaching the subject of a purchase or donation.

"Across six field and lab studies we found that influence agents' initial questions deplete the self-control resources that are needed to resist an unwanted influence attempt," write the authors.

"This state of reduced self-control renders consumers vulnerable to the persuasion ploys foisted upon them by influence agents, thereby resulting in increased willingness to acquiesce to the agent."

The researchers broke down the process into two stages. The first is the initial question, or series of questions, that softens up the listener and gets him or her to essentially yield to the request.

Questions. istockphoto/ma_rish The first step takes away some of the resources we might normally use to control our spending and refuse the request.

The second stage is when the actual appeal is made. In a state weakened by answering questions, we end up giving more, the authors explain.

So when a telemarketer asks "How are you today?" consumers can be considerately skeptical of what is coming next.

Key Point: "The initial act of answering seemingly harmless questions is enough to produce a state of mindlessness which increases the odds of complying with a larger target request," the authors conclude.

[Bob M. Fennis, Loes Janssen, and Kathleen D. Vohs. Acts of Benevolence: A Limited‐Resource Account of Compliance with Charitable Requests. Journal of Consumer Research, DOI: 10.1086/593291]

Getting to yes isn't as hard as you think...

Risky Decisions

Today people feel like every decision they make is a risk.

And risk aversion is not necessarily a foolish frame.

But...because most people are paralyzed by risk, they become more likely to put off doing business with you today.

There's a lot of times this makes sense. There's a lot of times this doesn't. After all, every communication is a persuasive communication.

Meaningless babble and questions?

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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